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Very Powerful 1.6 grams of shroom Powder

moving in and out of the mind and body

 I was in my close friends basement with him, whose name is Ryder, and our other friend Tobi. Ryder and I split 3.2 grams of shrooms at around 8:30 p.m, and the bag consisted of really scrappy stems and cap chunks, as well as a lot of shroom powder. We had been saying how we didn't think 1.6 grams each would make us trip too hard, and we quickly learned that that wouldnt be the case. We kept saying how great we felt, and just how light we were starting to feel. Eventually Tobi broke out the grav, and we each took one big grav. After that, we were both feeling incredibly high, and the outlines of posters were starting to curve and change size. A big painting of Ryders mom started breathing and it looked like one of her eyes had rotated 45 degrees. We were listening to the album Dandelion Gum by Black Moth Super Rainbow and by the time we were 4 songs in, I ran over to it and turned it off because it was just wicked intense. I started laughing and was like "Wow that was absolutely kicking my ass!" Ryder and I kept saying "wow this is really intense," as a means of saying "this is way more intense than we thought it was going to be." My head was racing and where my neck meets my head was reallly hot and felt like it was melting. I felt like my brain was melting actually, but decided it was just growing and doors were opening. At this point, everything i looked at just had rippling lines, and i was seeing little heads on surfaces, kind of like wallpaper patterns of faces. Objects and walls were bending inward as if a line was going down the middle and each side was a roller. It was all just insane, but Ryder and I had a huge jug of water that we shared the whole night, and we would drink from it if we were feeling to overpowered. We decided that the bottle of water was the fountain of life. We got on to talking about how responsible we were in tripping, how we took a small doses, and made sure to stay hydrated. We conversed about how you can basically do whatever you want as long as you stay positive in believe in yourself. We realized that all of our lives, we had been leaving with doubt and fear. We had been doubting ourselves and others, as well as fearing what others thought about us. We decided that we would no longer live in fear and doubt, and would be stronger people. We gained belief that we found the secret to life; the holy grail. We both play music, me playing the synth and sampler, ryder playing the guitar, and we decided that we are way better than we thought we were. The next hour or so we jammed, and we were just playing amazingly. We felt complete connection with our instruments. We both usually are shy about singing, but we both just went for it, because of how we decided to no longer be scared, and to believe in ourselves. After that, i was sitting down, and the more i entered deep thought and ideas, i felt my vision go into my thoughts. It felt like my vision traveled through pathways in my mind, and would come back after what seemed like a short yet very detailed long trip through my mind. I also gained sensations of being outside of my body, and saw what i can only describe as the room being a circle divided into 8ths, and i viewed the room from each 8th, without leaving my seat. This part of the trip was very lucid, as if i had completely left my body and was having controllable subconscious daydreams. I decided to eat a hot tamale, and it was very strange. it felt like the hot tamale was so hot that is was melting my mouth and decomposing it. I had some stuck in my teeth, and when i felt it with my tongue, it felt like i was feeling my gum and my tooth had been decaying. This was happening in slow motion it seemed, during the song No More Runnin by Animal Collective, and it had a really creepy horror movie vibe to it. I decided to just wash my mouth out using the holy grail, and it was fine, but my toe just felt wet all of this sudden, like it was made completely out of water. I decided that my senses were mixing big time, because i met much confusion as to what i was touching and what i was tasting. I decided to write ideas down in my journal that i write in usually when im tripping or really high, and my arms looked really long and wiggly like tentacles, or like that green guy from Yo Gabba Gabba. This was strange at first but i accepted it quickly. What I wrote down was " It's like you understand the everything of everybodies everything, It's like you are dreaming everything you can dream. I feel like my toe's wet. Keeping the babies at the den. EAT HEALTHY. You can just go anywhere and enjoy every part. why not see good to everything. music can be what you want it to be. everything has it's own thing." The whole thing seems really simple, but what I believe it that people don't stay true to the simplicity. I feel like so many people hide their fears and doubts, and let those limit who they actually are and how they actually go about being a person. I decided that all you need is positive vibes, believing, and not worrying about others' judgement. To top the night off, we all watched ODDSAC, which was fuckin insane and I recommend it to anyone who wants to just see trippy craziness, and we just stayed up talking until we fell asleep around 4. The next day though, I bought pants that i really liked, even though they were in the womens section of goodwill, because i didnt give a fuck about what people think. I stayed true to not fearing other's judgement. Then when I played in my indoor soccer game, I did better than I ever have. I was playing with the utmost confidence in myself, and i was letting any trash talk get me down. Overall, this trip helped me become a better person. It taught me to be myself, and that as long as you are responsible and stay positive, you will always have a good trip.

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