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Not a dream, not a trip

total mind fuck

just to let you know a little about my psychadelic experiences in my past before I go into the story. I'm 25 years old and tripped for the first time off an 1/8 of mushrooms when I was 16. Since then I've only tripped about a dozen times, and I have never done any other psychadelic drug besides salvia (if that counts).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Sso this happened to me about a year ago. I was laying in bed feeling pretty restless, just staring at a heap of clothes in my closet. I know I didn't fall asleep because I just know. I'm staring at the mound of clothes without directing my attention to anything else, I just started to zone in on what I realized later was about 8 inch x 8 inch piece of a white shirt poking out of darker colored clothes. I don't know how long I was just staring blankly at  it, but things started getting a little crazy. At first I was seeing shapes interchanging on the fabric, I was completely amazed, yet I didn't take my eyes off it in astonishment. I didn't even want to blink. The longer I gazed, the more complex the shapes became. Out of nowhere images started popping up, the little piece of white t shirt became what I can only describe as a miniature movie screen with constantly changing images. Some images were familiar and some were completely foriegn. I would see a bears face showing different emotions for a few seconds, then I would see a tree swaying in the wind, it would shed leaves and change into a mans face I've never seen before. Everything on my little movie screen was in black and white. I would see the footage of JFK smiling and waving right before he was assassinated. There were owls, Mr.T, scarecrows, it seemed like every image I had ever seen, whether I remembered it or not was coming and going so rapidly I couldn't keep up. I was completely baffled as I was staring, scared to blink or take my eyes off of the spot I had fixed them on. I continued to stare and see this craziness for as long as I could, maybe twenty minutes passed before my eyes got so dry I had to blink and rub them. That ended the crazy visuals I experienced without consuming any mind altering drugs. It was rad. While it all was happening, I didn't know what exactly I was looking at, untill I rubbed my eyes and investigated, that's when I realized it was just that little piece of shirt. I wish I could tell the story better, though I don't think the most detailed description would do the experience justice. It was so mind blowing.

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