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First time tripping

Eye-opening, new reality

First Time Tripping

It was a cold and rainy morning but I was so anxious at the thought of tripping balls for the first time that I yacked up my plum and daily vitamins.  The evening began with my boyfriend showing up at my apartment with a little over half a sixteenth of the most magical mind fuck that I have ever experienced sealed all in to one ordinary sandwich bag.  We decided to go to a locals' bar on the oceanfront around 4 pm to enjoy happy hour drinks and appetizers with my roommate/best friend/snow-queen; it's fun being best friends with her because I love the dank and she loves to ski, and we like to compare and contrast.  Our favorite bartender proved himself to be down as hell and hooked my roommate up with a gram of the best nose candy she's ever had.  I was so excited to get home and gobble the shrooms while my boyfriend took rips of J-1 from Cali, and my roommate did her lines.  My boyfriend insisted on being my sitter since he has tripped 6 times previously and reached level 5 one of those times.

The first slight onset of tripping was when I brushed something off of my arm and it seemed as though I brushed 3 fluid chunks off of my bicep, but I knew everything was okay and I embraced the sensation.  I sat down on the couch with my boyfriend and roommate and began to see bright, trippy, vivid colors flash with every pulsate of my heart; everything in the room would be the same color all at once and that's when I first knew I was tripping.  I was aware of everything around me and had a very relaxed feeling even though I had never experienced anything like it.  When I explained this sensation to my boyfriend he suggested that I listen to my music that puts me in a good mood, so we muted the TV but left it on for visuals.

I turned on my music, and it had a powerful sound in which I could hear the actual components of the beat as if time had slightly slowed down. 

After having the music on for a few minutes, I went to the kitchen with my boyfriend while my roommate and our bartender chatted at the dining room table.  I looked around and saw the people and everything in my apartment as a claymation.  Everything was a basic color and shape by itself and moved fluidly as a whole; it reminded me of my Lego Photo App.  I had an overwhelming urge to close my eyes and yawn, and once I did gorgeous patterns filled with energy and sounds began to come up and out of my mouth and morph in to the side of my body, and it felt as though my entire body was one, self-sustained ecosphere in which my own energy was the air, water and life.  I was able to see myself from the outside looking in and therefore did not understand the concept of time or senses.  I sat on the couch for 40 minutes after my first few yarns while this outer body experience continued. 

I went back to the kitchen for about an hour where I peaked emotionally; there were three separate times when it hurt to look at my boyfriend's face because of the blinding, bright light surrounding his face... It was so beautiful, I had to look away and uncontrollably cried tears of happiness.  It was as if our love had physically grown for each other... I kept telling him how amazing the experience was because it felt as though he was capable of feeling all of the newly found love I had for him.  Shortly afterwards I looked at my boyfriend's face and watched the sides of his face unfold allowing me to see exactly what he was made up of.  I saw unfolding kaleidoscopic shapes and colors, and on each intricate shape I could see microscopic green, furry plants growing on the outlines of all of the shapes.  When I was done viewing him in this way, his face slowly folded back in to its normal shape.  I looked over at my roommate and saw her as an energy rather than a person.  She put off a wonderful vibe that made her very enjoyable to be around.  The vibe was in the form of a breathing, clear shield that surrounded her entire body.  The experience of viewing two loved ones with a new perspective was powerful and will stay with me forever.  I was aware of my roommate wanting to know what was wrong with me because of the continuous crying, so I gave her a huge smile and told her everything I saw was so beautiful, and I wanted everyone around me to know what I was experiencing. 

Before we went in my bedroom to go to sleep, my boyfriend told my roommate about the lion tattoo he wants to get on the back of his calf when my trip was diminishing.  It is a tattoo idea that I initially did not find attractive, but I was able to visualize it while looking at his calf and it had multicolored stars spiraling away from it in a magical way.  I am now very open and supportive of the tattoo idea after tripping.  We went in to my bedroom and laid on the floor for 20 minutes while my mind wandered off on mini trips but I knew where I physically was.  After the 20 minutes, I looked up at my dog on my bed snoring and thought it was the cutest sound I had ever heard.  I then hugged my boyfriend's dog, and discovered a deeper love for him as well.  We fell asleep around 2 am and I woke up at 8 am fully refreshed and rejuvenated with a new perspective on life.

The entire trip was a highly pleasurable, mind-opening experience that I recommend everyone try once while surrounded with people and an environment that is very comfortable and happy!  I will never be able to look at my roommate or boyfriend in the same way due to the love I felt from them that night.  It has allowed me to develop a deeper appreciation for the things in life that actually matter!!! Happy trips:) 

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