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First benadryl trip

deffinately something i will probably do again

 I had just found out that in large doses Benadryl could make you hallucinate so i was pretty interested. I had read numerous trip reports of people who've said they've done and it was deffinately something that i wanted to do. So when my mom got home from work i told her i had some allergies and that i wanted Benadryl not really expecting her to get me any. She took me to the store to get a packet of 48 25mg pills. At around 10:30 that night i took 12 cause i wasnt sure how much i should take my first time and  I wasnt really experiancing much and read about other people taking a lot more so i decided to take another 8. I remember not really seeing anything but dots moving across my wall and i was pretty disappointed so i decided to go to sleep. As i was falling asleep i remember a black couple sitting on my chair across from my bed staring at me as i was trying to go to sleep. When i woke up around 9:30 i was freaking out running around my house thinking i had missed my bus to go school and trying to figure out how i was going to get there, then i finally realized i was on spring break. About 10min after that i started yelling at my mom to take me to work and that i was going to be late and if she didnt take me i wasnt going to go. After about 15min of this she was finally able to convince me that it was only 10 in morning. During all that i had lost my phone and had no clue where it was so i was in my room looking around for it when some girl i remember seeing around school a few times walked in and started laying in my bed. She never said anything just watched me look for my phone. I never really cared to much that she was just chilling on my bed i kept moving my bed and picking up and getting in it a few times to look behind my bed to see if i could find my phone. During the middle of my search someone else walked into my room and got into my bed. Him and the girl were cuddling under my covers and i remember looking at them and saying "What the fuck?" but with no response so i continued my search for my phone then they both went under my covers and when i went back over their i put my hand down on my covers to see if they were still there and they were gone. I had no idea i was still tripping on benadryl while this was happening it wasnt until later in the day til i was finally able to figure out what had happened. After this experiance i deffinately want to do again but at a different time so that i am awake for the entire time.

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