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First Time on Acid

intense tripp

At this point i had tripped on mushrooms twice before and knew well enough what tripping felt like, but this was the most intense one i've ever had.
Our good friend is an acid dealer and he uses our house to trip because he can't be at home.  The acid he had was so good he said it was the most intense trip of his life and he had only taken two hits.  Being stupid me and my best friend decided that for her birthday we would do three each.  Keep in mind that we are both extremly tiny females and I had never tripped on acid before.

So we got the acid at about 2:00 pm and proceeded to take all three.  We then settled in and waited for the trip to start by playing Little Big Planet on her PS3.  After a little bit we couldn't play anymore beccause we would be laughing so hard at nothing.  She even slid off the bed at one point.  

I first started to realize it was working when i looked into the corner of the room and saw colors just going crazy in it.  All of the sudden they like exploded and her whole ceiling turned into the sky.  I saw stars moving across the ceiling in shapes of birds and mostly tribal designs.  It was all i could do to jsut lay there and take it all in.  It was so beautiful and i just couldn't stop looking at the beautful stars that kept moving across her ceiling.  

We then went to her computer room and looked up a bunch of music and videos that kept tripping us out.  We even started a mini rave in her room and proceeded to dance around with dog toys as our makeshift glowsticks.  After we realized how ridiculous we were being we went out and had a cigarette on her front porch.  Since it was February there were icicles and snow and such.  the icicles would be dancing with colors and the snow didn't even look cold.  it looked like the fluffy stuff inside of a pillow and we almost jumped in it before realizing that it would be very cold.  As we went back inside she needed to pee so i waited for her outside the bathroom door.  When she came out she found me facedown on the floor having a stare off with a face i saw in her wooden floor.

We decided we wanted to go somewhere so we had our two friends pick us up to go chill and get some weed.  As we walked out the door i saw the glare on the floor, it appeared that something was under the floor moving towards us.  I got really scared and gripped her arm, she took no notice and proceeded to step on the creature under the floor and smash it.  I almost screamed then realized it was the glare.  We continued walking out, and saw her mom(whos totally cool with drugs) all made up for a date.  when we stepped outside i told her "yer mom looks sexy as fuck" really loud right as her date walked up.  i was mortified and i couldn't veen say hello.  i just started at the ground and wlaked right past.  

We then proceeded to get in the car with 2 boys who we didn't really know very well. they were just high but knew that we were tripping on acid.  they then drove around to all these random places and i couldn't do anything.  i just remember not knowing what the fuck was going on and just wanting to get a straight answer. we gave them the rest of our money and we got some dro from amsterdam then went to this guys house to smoke it.  I had never been to this mans house before and it was extremly scary.  my trip was intensifying and i didn't knwo where we were or what we were doing or what the fuck was going on.  This man was old, fat, scary, and a methhead and it was freaking me out.  the only clear thing i remember from that time is watching miniture gardens grow on my kness and i kept seeing colorful mice running around on the floor.  after we left i was freaking out and my trip was only getting worse.  

We went back to one of hte boys houses all of the sudden my other friend popped up from nowhere.  literally when we walked into his room she was laying in his bed under the blankets and just popped up out of nowhere.  we smoked more and i proceeded to see more crazy shit.

I stared at my hands for a long time and my skin and muscles blew away like sand in the wind leaving only my bones underneath.  i could see my bones in my hand moving and pulsing.  My one friend who wasn't tripping would throw me an "invisable" ball (she was really just pretending, there was nothing there) and i thought it was a ball of energy and whenever i "caught" it i would feel it sugre through me.  i then found a nickle that i put on my leg and would spin from left to right.  when i spun it left my trip would increase and when i spun it to the right it would decrese for a few seconds.  The face on the nickle then started turning into a skeleton also. 

since i'd left my shoes in the living room and my friends step dad was out there i had to find a substitue to go have a cigarette.  I found a huge hiking boot and a slipped and put both on.  "these are my silly shoes" i announced to the room happily.  they all cracked up and told me to just go have my cigarette.  once we got out there for some reason i starrted spinning my cigarette in circles becuase it was super dark and the cherry was extremly bright and the tracers were unbelievable.  my one friend took her cigarette and started going in bigger circles around my cigarette but in the opposite direction. the effect was too much,i couldn't even look at it.

Eventually i fell asleep because i was so exaughsted.  the whole next day i kept seeing colors run over things and everything was so normal that it looked odd.
Amazing acid expirience though.

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