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Molly and legal herb

this isnt a full account of the experiance merely a reflection on the peak of it. I had snorted two molly around 3 hours before while at dubstep concert when we got back we were chilling in my car looking out at the sky as we loaded a bong and a pipe with a legal herbal incense called Purple Haze. I remember looking around and everything moving in a wave like way (it reminded me of experiences on acid). About 10 minutes after we had fnished the two bowls I remember staring at the sky when suddenly a portal opened up and I could see inside of it. I was able to move 360 degress but not move around in the room freely. It was barn with haystacks by the wooden pillars keeping it up and there was chair in the middle of the room with all the lights concentrated on it. At that point my friend was able to get my attention saying had i started freaking out and started yelling something about a portal in the sky.

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