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mushrooms at a rave:D

crazy trippin

So i had done mushrooms once before on my birthday and they worked fine but it was only a little bit and i have no idea what they were.
The second time was a much better expirience.
me and my bf at the time and three of our friends decided to go to a rave being held that night.  It was an hour drive away and we had plenty to entertain us.  we hit some DMT a couple times, smoked some blunts and such and were feelin pretty nice.  When we arrived at the rave everyone was dancing and had flashing glowsticks and heavy dubstep music and such.  we were planning on doing acid but were having trouble finding some.  After we finally located some pretty shity acid and each taken a hit we weren't feelin much and we still had money leftover becuase of how shitty the acid had been. 
My one friend was off socilizing and came up to us at one point and said " you guys have enough money to buy some mushrooms?" well fuck yes we did.  So we split an eighth between the five of us.  The shrooms were called penis envy and the person that gave them to us said they were the third best in america.
It wasn't long after that that the trip started to take effect.  my closest friend and i had been all dressed up fer the rave so i had on a skirt, fishnet tights and a tshirt.  she had on a tank top and trip pants and that was it.  We walked outside to smoke a joint and since it was late in december it was freezing outside.  We didn't even feel the cold.  We stood outside for a good twenty minutes and weren't even chilly.  We went back inside and immediantly went to the bathroom to get some water.  I was sitting on the counter waiting for her to finish and all the sudden everything in the bathroom started sparkling rainbow colors.  everywhere i looked shit was sparkling and it was amazing and it just hit me.  I freaked out adn grabbed her and pulled her outside where we sat down and just tripped balls. 
the floor had such a hold on me i couldn't even get up and dance.  the tiles would start growing with shrubs and trees and they would fall apart and the lines inbetween them seemed to go down forever.  At one point i couldnt understand what anyone was saying to me because it sounded like they were talking in a made up language.  I couldn't tell if anyone was speaking english. 
We proceeded to dance with glowsticks and christmas lights that we had brought.  I have never expirience something like that ever, we were in a cirlce dancing and it was just like we were all connected.  all of us had glowsticks and we even had lasers that you put on yer fingers and would wave around.  At this point my boyfriend kept trying to grind on me and be sexy and shit and i kept yelling at him and hitting him and telling him to quit it.  I didn't wanna dance with him.  Throughout the whole rest of the night i would come to realize how abusive he was and how many anger issues he had.  I broke up with him about a week later, so mushrooms probably literally saved my life becuase he would become very angry and even got physical a few times before i had just never thought of it like that before.
Anyways after we left the rave we had an hour drive home and we were all tripping.  I just remember the whole ride staring at my friend Misfits jacket that he put over my legs.  It had a collage of pictures on it and i just kept finding new things to stare at.  after getting lost a few times we finally made it home at about 6:00 am and we had not eaten the shrooms until about 2:00 am so we were still tripping hard.  we went back to my friends house and just chilled in her room becuase she has all sorts of trippy posters and pictures there. 
i looked at a nug of dro that we had and the crystals on it kept growing and covering the nug until they would start all over agina.  her carpet looked like a little miniture maze that would be all orderly and neat and it kept overgrowing until it would be just back to normal carpet again.  at one point we went outside to have a cigarette right when the sun was rising on all the snow in her yard.  I opened the door and my mouth just fell open.  i ran forward and i wanted to leap in the snow it was so beautiful.  It looked like it was covered with pink blue and purple glitter.  i didn't want to stop looking because it was just beautiful.  after they finally pulled me away from the snow we were sitting in the car and all the trees in her yard were crazy.  since it was winter they were all dead and gray and whatnot.  i would see the tree spirits climb out from the trees and thye looked like thin gray see through sheets.  they proceeded to float around and hang themselves on the trees. they literally killed themselves.  i watched all the dead tree spirits kill themselves but it wasn't scary, it was an amazing moment.  After that we just went inside and laid down and went to sleep. 
It was one of the most amazing nights i've ever had. 

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