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6th or so trip, highest dose

A single 6-7g dried shroom, intense but not like I'd expected

Before this I had done shrooms a couple times, I think it comes to being 4 times before this in relatively small doses (2g or so each time). I had never had much visuals on shrooms, and I thought I had a pretty high immunity because of this. The most visuals I had ever had before this was my very first trip, with some light breathing and flowing of textures.

Anyways, me and 4 friends came across (which is very difficult in our town with its extremely long and cold winters) 2 ounces of dried, homegrown shrooms through a friend's best friend, for a very good deal in the winter (180 canadian). We went ahead and got them, I ended up myself with roughly  a half O including one sinister looking shroom, bigger than the length of my hand and completely dry, weighing about 6 or 7 grams.

So we got down to it one night, made some tea with the bottoms of the bag between 5 people and then started nomming. I also had a line of street ecstasy and later finished the pill off. Until about 12am I had 2 cups of shroom tea, the ecstasy, and probably close to 4g of shrooms through the last 6 hours. Pretty fun times, mild visuals, very euphoric. At 12, we decided that I should eat my 6g one for the fuck of it, and then the fun began.

It took me a good 10-15 minutes and half of a 2 liter of orange pop to finish the shroom, which was tough to stomach down. We sat around and chilled for about 45 minutes, and I started coming up around then. I began with the usual visuals I get, maybe more 'wetness' to textures and vividity of colours, but the come up was much quicker and more intense than anything I had experienced. A lot of people worry about bad trips but I am always way, way too happy on shrooms, I couldn't imagine a bad trip. So this was pretty much the best time on drugs of my life.

About an hour and a half in, I was sitting in a corner of the couch, sort of tuning into conversation but mostly just staring at shit. I could talk fine when I wanted to but for the most part it wasn't worth the effort and I was content just experiencing the shrooms. The visuals were nothing like I had ever experienced before, it was beautiful and intense. I didn't get much kaleidoscope patterns but every texture was detailed with intricate and vibrant patterns. A few colourful boxes of childhood toys on the wall were breathing into each other and the colourful umbrellas and boats on them almost seemed to flow off of the boxes. The entire room began to breathe, and when I say breathe, I mean that its length and width changed by at least double, maybe triple of what they actually are, my friend sitting just out of arm's reach at one moment seeming to be a good 5 meters away and then returning to his same spot.

I looked at my hands and my mind was so out of it that I wasn't sure how many fingers I had. I could have sworn that on each hand I had another finger, but every time I counted them (or tried to, 5 is a hard number to reach in this state) they were normal. My skin had patterns flowing down it and my hands looked almost alien, but it was beautiful all the same.

Whenever I closed my eyes I got 3 dimensional CEV's, but not as intricate as I have had before, such as on MDMA. They were actually surprisingly undistinct and uninteresting.

I wasn't really doing any thinking at the time, just observing the world around me. The looping thoughts that shrooms give you were so pronounced that I couldn't even begin to think of something, other than if I focused on the music or decided to join a conversation briefly.

At about 2:30am one person decided to walk home and everyone else decided to sleep. I was still completely out of my mind, and now I had to lie in the dark until morning. I of course got no sleep at all, and had no idea of time. I couldn't even think any more from the looping thoughts, so it was a long night. Eventually I got bored of the visuals which only made the night longer. These 6 or so hours were not as fun as I'd liked them to be, and I couldn't get comfortable for some reason, but I didn't really mind that much, that's what I get for eating 6 grams at midnight.

The morning after was a little surreal and the effects lingered well into the afternoon, when I finally came down. Ultimately the trip was the most intense I have ever experienced on drugs, but it was not overwhelming at all, I think I handled it very well and there was not a moment where I was afraid.

One thing I did not experience which I had really been looking forward to is Synesthesia or sensory crossover, which I have heard that some people experience on psychedelics.

I was expecting the trip to be far more intense, due to the massive amount I took. Most people on that dose that I know of have actual hallucinations (my friend saw gargoyles as he was walking through downtown on 5 grams) or ego split (objects talking to them), but it was just a low dose amplified hundreds of times for me. I'm doing acid soon (picking up today) and I hope that it will bring me to the psychedelic levels I have been looking for.

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