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Weird, weird day, i may never shroom again

walking for hours straight, starting a fire.

I have done mushrooms 3 times, and ive never done any other drugs (apart from smoking pot once... hated it) The first time was amazing, me and my girlfriend in the back of my car, we each took about an eigth (i think a bit less) the second time was also amazing, i took a pretty low dose and just felt extremely happy all night... but yesterday was the single strangest day of my entire life.

Me and my brother decided to pick up some shrooms over spring break, his girlfriend and him ate theirs one night and went hottubbing and ran around Mania in The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion (if you know what that is, you'll know its an awesome thing to do on shrooms) they both seemed to be having a great time, i ate mine a few days later, they looked like normal gold caps to me, no fungus or anything, but my brother had mentioned they were a bit spicy.
i ate my eighth at about 9:20 AM, i was home alone, coming up was amazing, i felt great for about an hour or so, then i started tripping pretty hard, i went downstairs and looked up "trippy Videos" on youtube, some of them were awesome, a couple were just scary. then the room and ceiling started moving and were colored odd, i then began to feel sick... really sick.
i got up and tried walking around, but that only made me sicker, i decided a had to throw up, and that i would feel fine after that, so i started eating carrots, (i hadnt eaten at all that day) they were almost impossible to chew, i felt like i chewed the first bite for hours, the reaction to having something in my mouth made me throw up, it burned but it wasnt so bad, i knew i had to clean it up before my mom got home so i began focusing very hard on what i had to do, get a paper towel, walk back to bathroom etc, while i did this i felt fine, i just kept pacing around the kitchen.
once the mess was cleaned up i went downstairs to relax, but upon sitting down i felt like i was going to throw up again... i ran out into my backyard and threw up all over the back deck, i cleaned it off with a hose and went to sit down again, but whenever i relaxed i became sick again. at this point i started panicking because i was only about 20 minutes into my trip, i sent some weird texts to my girlfriend and realized i felt fine if i kept moving around, i grabbed my jacket and decided to go outside for a walk.
Now im very out of shape, i havent excercised for a long time, and normally walking up the hill from my house would have at least winded me, but it was warm and sunny and i walked all the way to the top, almost without thinking, by the time i reached the top of the hill i felt much better, the sky was sunny and the clouds looked amazing, i felt like i was important, like some sort of God or something (im not in the least bit spiritual/religious) i stopped at the top of the hill to figure out what music i wanted to listen to, i couldnt decide, nothing seemed special, or important enough to match how i felt.
i ended up listening to Beethoven on my Ipod, i like classical music but im not a huge fan, i only listen to 4 or 5 composers every once in a while (im mainly into metal/hardcore, but i do listen to an extremely wide variety of music). i chose Beethoven because i felt i needed to listen to someone larger than life, Beethoven was a master at his craft, and is of course often regarded as the greatest composer of all time.
i continued walking down the street, i felt amazing, elegant, powerful, my legs kept moving, i walked about a half mile composing odd poetry about greatness, strength, power, the human spirit, and a love of life. in my head i talked about being unstoppable and powerful. when Beethovens 9th ended, i then began listening to the "Organ Symphony" by my favorite composer, Camille Saint-Sa

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