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Laced Weed?

2 stories, not too long. Please comment and tell me what this was.

                Yes, this a is a trip report not just a question. This will be 2 stories in one, but I'll try not to make it extremly long. This was my first couple of times smoking weed/getting high ever, and this happened almost 4 years ago. I'm putting these stories up because the times before the times I'm about to explain, I never had experiences like this and now that i've done a bunch of research about other drugs, I have been really curious. Anyway, here it is.


                So I went to my girlfriends house (ex now), and we were planning to smoke weed like we basically always did when I went over. So we were walking to a nearby forest path to go smoke the joint. So we get there and smoke it and just chill for a bit. Now, I felt as if I was high on weed like every other time, but I was having visuals :S ? We started to make out for about 10 minutes straight, then when I opened my eyes my vision was black and white like old school television. No joke. It didn't scare me for some reason, I just thought it was good weed, but now I'm not too sure. 

                Anyways, after about half an hour being there we started to head back to her house. It took about half an hour to walk down the street, but we thought we were walking regular pace. On the way back, I was laughing really, really hard for no reason. It was great, I remember saying something like, "This is the greatest high I've ever had", cause it was sunny out and all beautiful and funny and it was an amazing moment.

                So, we reached the park which was the halfway point to her house. We layed down near a really big tree. When I was high, I was forgetting everything after a couple of seconds but, when I picture that scene in my mind, what I was seeing was one of the most beautiful things in my life. The tree was covering the sun, and the sunlight was peircing through the gaps in the tree and the leavings were falling rapidly cause the wind was blowing. It was so amazint to me. I remember telling my girl that I felt like I was in the movie bugs life cause the tree reminded me of it. I looked at her as she was laughing and this was probably the most intense visual I saw. She had red hair, but within about 3 seconds her hair changed from red to bleach blonde. I was like, "WHAT THE HELL, your hair just changed color!". It was really weird. 

                We headed back to her house and I don't really remember what happened after that. Does anyone know what the hell that was? I'm not saying it was bad, but I've never done a psychedelic drug before so I wouldn't know what it was. Please help.


                This happened about a year after the the first story, when my girl started being bitchy to me. But that's not the point. So I went to her house again, but it was night this time. We went out to go smoke. This time we each had her own joint. I was screwing around with her and I took her thing that held all her drug money, joints, cigarettes, etc. There were 2 joints. I took one that looked a bit fatter and she was like, "DON'T TAKE THAT ONE!". Now, I knew she did drugs like coke, mdma, etc., so I thought one of them could be dangerous.

                So we get to the old park and sit on the play structure to smoke our joints. About halfway through mine I start chuckling a bit, and about 3 quarters through it in my mind I was like, "....woah..what the fuck..." and a chucked it cause I couldn't handle more. I was looking around. You know how play structures have the floors and walls with the dots or diamond patterns or whatever? Well they were tripping me out! I said, "I don't like this place, can we leave?". She told me yes and we started heading back. 

                This is where I barely remember anything cause I blacked out. I just remember watching the movie "Thirteen" and me not knowing what the hell was going on. I couldn't pay attention to it. I couldn't pay attention to anything. Half the time, my girl wasn't even watching the movie, cause she would rather stare at me instead, but half the time I wouldn't even notice. I finally said, "What are you staring at me for?". She says, "I don't know", and I laughed. She asked me, "Are you actually high right now?", and I was like, "Yea", and laughed alot. She gave me a really dirty look and didn't look at me for the rest of the night. 

                Now that I think about it, either she was just trying to be a big shot with the whole, "Wow you're high, wow you didn't even do alot", type shit that you get with some people or I took the wrong joint that was probably laced with some fucked up shit. Or both. So can anyone tell me what this was about, what did I actually do? Was there anything in the weed or have you had a similar experience? Please Comment!

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