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When They Take Over

Second Dose, First Trip

A year ago, the last time i took cubensis, was the first time i truly understood what "tripping" meant. I had taken mushrooms once before, and I had a mild high, and was unimpressed. The second time however, was a journey that I will never forget.

It was summer, around 85 degrees out, a slight breeze, and just all around perfect. I was excited because we (Me and J) had acquired around (3) 8ths of mushrooms. It had taken 6 months to get them, as they are a very rare "drug" to get your hands on around where we lived. The house was empty except for a couch, and a TV, because I was moving and everything had been moved out. I had no idea what a real trip was, and J and I expected to be able to take them and enjoy the experience with our friends, who were not taking them, hanging around. Obviously, this was a terrible idea.

Hanging out on the deck laughing and joking, smoking cigarettes and cracking jokes with glee about what we were about to do, we began to measure out the mushrooms in equal amounts to make sure both J and I got an equal amount. It measured out to somewhere around 4.5 -5 grams of dry mushrooms each. Being that I had taken 3.5 grams before and barely felt anything, I expected my high drug tolerance to persist and assumed 5 grams was just about what I would need to enjoy myself. We mixed in the mushrooms into our chocolate pudding, because obviously that is the only way to take them (sarcasm), and poured a glass of orange juice each. In 5 minutes, 5 grams of mushrooms and a large glass of OJ was sitting nicely in our stomachs, and I was on my way to bliss, or so I thought. Excess friend A and B, about 30 minutes after we had taken the mushrooms, wished us luck and said they would be back in a bit. They were hungry, and were going to get some pizza.

I started noticing the trees.. The trees were so much taller then I remembered them being... and the grass... the grass below the deck seemed sooo far down. I had heard stories about "breaking the box" in which you live while you were on shrooms, but I knew as long as I stayed in my yard, the box would not be broken, and I would be just fine. As it turns out, the last time I had tripped J was also there, and the 3.5 grams he took then had blown his mind. He probobly should have stayed with the same doseage, but it was much too late for that. We began to laugh, at aboslutely nothing, and realized the actual trip was comming on. Our vision became distorted, and we could no longer sit in one place. Colors became bright, feelings became real and tangible. We went inside, and explored the inside of the house. I still knew who I was, and was able to maintain conversation with J rather easily. Is this all that shrooms are? Where is the trip? Where are the hallucinations?!....

I found the faucet.

I turned it on, and i ran my hand under the "water". The water stream had turned into cascading diamonds. I felt them like beads pouring over my hands and dissapearing down the drain. I introduced this new concept to J, who for some reason, was seeing and feelign the exact same things at the exact same time as I was. It was summer remember, so sunglasses were lying around. To my amazement, every time I put on a different pair, I was in a different place.

J was having trouble maintining his grip on reality, And in the middle of conversation would drift into unconsciousness, his eyes would roll back, and he would go silent, as if he had just had a brain aneurism. After a second or so he would come back, See me, and we would begin talking. If we stopped talking for any time longer then 15 seconds, his mind would, as he described it weeks later, grab him, and pull him into the abyss of his thoughts. I had discovered that If i sat in a particular chair, in a particular part of the deck, and looked into the starts and trees, that I was transported to a new and beautiful existence. I dubbed it, the place. I pulled a second chair over and asked J to come with me. He got up, sat next to me, and we took a hypnotical trip into the abyss, but somehow stayed together. The tree tops had emotions and feelings, and were communicating to me. Not in words, but with feeling, and I communicated back. I lost my grip on reality and slipped into a world so beautiful that I can hardly describe it in words. It was beyond words, beyond anything that this life can offer, and the most elated joyful bliss I have ever experienced. Tears streamed down the side of our faces as we were swept into a tunnel of love and curiosity. I have never laughed so hard and honestly in my entire life. I forgot what my name was, what a human was, what a house was, and most importantly, I could not talk. J and I were, regardless of what I can phsyically explain, communicating telepathically. We were happier then we had ever been in our entire lives, with the exception that J was starting to get a bit scared, as I honestly was a bit too.

Then the front door opened. In walk excess friend A and B, pizza in hand. Then the sh*t hit the fan.

It had only been FIFTEEN MINUTES.

My mind was scrambled. I could not identify these two beings that had somehow found their way to where we were, and It was not good. I did not know there names, and the realization that I knew them as human beings was too much for my mind to handle. I began to sweat profusely, as I tried desperately to identify them. Sitting on the couch, as my brain told me was normal for a human, or so I hoped, I tried verbally to communicate with them. "Your.. A..... and... Im.... Me.." I said in excess of 50 times. Excess friend A began to realize how really gone we were, and was telling excess friend B to leave us alone. He knew there was no turning back for us. It was mentaly devistating. Fear overwhelmed J and I, and J went into another room to try to clear his head, as if that was even possible. I, running to the bathroom, dropped to my knees and begged for the disaster to take a different turn. I vomited. I knew if I did not get a grip on my mind that the next few hours would be deadly, and i had to use every inch of my brain to try to convince myself that I am human, and humans act a certain way infront of people. I could not. J and I were sitting in the room he had sequestered himself in talking to one another about how bad and powerful it had become. Excess friend A, who had become a sort of Guide, as secretly filming us on his camera phone. The room was dark, so all he got was audio. J and I had been talking about what to do for a few minutes, when I turned to excess friend A and said, "are you recording this?" To my astonishment, as I later discovered, he had indeed recorded us talking. Except we were not saying anything. We were making noises. That is all.

J had lost his battle with reality and had gone down the spiral of death that takes over so many people not expected to be overwhelmed by the sensory overload that is a true mushroom trip. And the rest of his night ended badly. He swung a punch at excess friend A, and ran into the darkness outside. I, being still completely out of my mind, but was doing a good job at convicing the people around me that I was sane, conviced them that he would be fine, and to let him go. I was so totally wrong. Hours passed. And slowly but surely i came out of my concious coma. It was just excess friend A and I, sitting on my porch out front, wonderign where J was. 6 police cars out of nowehre screeched around the corner and up the street directly infront but away from my house. I knew this was no coincidence. We saw them lift J up out of someones lawn, where he was shoeless, on his back,  screamiing at a boat, and load him into a giant SUV, laughing all the way, and take him away to the local Psych Ward. He was released the next day, with sufficient scolding from his parents, and is now alright.

All in all, i beleive that I have learned my lesson about Set and Setting, and adivse anyone that intends to really trip to be completely sure that noone you are not expecting comes charging into your trip. I beleive, that if that intrusion had not happend, J and I would have continued to have the most amazing experience of our lives.  Sadly, the setting was incorrect. We still laugh about it to this day, and intend to have a good trip again soon, but this time, we will be more careful about where and when we decide to trip.


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