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First Trip

Fantastic Experience

I fruited my first cake(P.Cub B+) well ahead of  the rest, and it yielded enough, I considered, for my first trip.  I made up a tea with lemon to speed absorption, ginger to quell nausea and honey to sweeten it.  Not bad at all.  It was 8pm and I had not eaten besides a light breakfast.

I sat and listened to some Chemical Brothers in the semi-dark with my eyes closed. For the first hour I felt nothing, and thought I'd killed my already low dose(~2g dry) by accidentally leaving them in front of a heater.

At about an hour I began to feel a little different, like a mild clear-headed intoxication; happy and silly. The pattern on my wallpaper seemed to have a depth of about a foot between the background and the pattern, like a magic eye picture.  I closed my eyes, and suddenly I was inside my skull, with the surface of my brain below me.  Mushrooms grew from the surface of my brain, until they pressed lightly into the inside of my skull, whereupon the caps spread ad grew into each other, forming a comforting layer of fungal sentience.  I let my thoughts roam and was rewarded with ribbons of coloured light, and an appreciation for the music like I have never felt before.  The organic sound of "Harpoons" was affecting my visuals, with undulating mycelia of light and thought spreading through my mind.  The overriding feeling was just an incredible euphoria.  I became completely convinced that psilocybin mushrooms were one of life's great treasures.

I thought about how glad  was that I wasn't anxious of having a bad trip.  This was a mistake, as  instantly affected my mood.  What if I freaked?  What if my sitter couldn't handle it? What if I drew attention and someone came into my apartment, where my terrarium was sitting on the dining-room table?  I mastered myself and forced myself not to worry, that the worst that could happen was that I'd spoiled the remainder of my trip, which was't a big deal when more mushrooms were available in the future.  I changed my cd to Infected Mushroom and things improved, and I felt happy and silly again.

From this point forward I felt what can only be described as the epitome of being carefree.  Nothing seemed bad, everything that had worried me recently felt completely surmountable, and everything seemed right with the world.  Later on in the night when my sitter gashed her leg open on the corner of a plastic crate (5mm deep cut a few inches long) and refused to get it stitched, it didn't bother me at all; I just calmly cleaned and dressed the would, and probably more effectively and accurately than I would have done sober.

I walked out to my sitter, who was in the kitchen finishing dinner.  I had a thousand thoughts at once, and felt giddy and foolish trying to express even one of them I was trying to control my mouth far faster than I could possibly talk.  She laughed at me and showed me an aquarium on Gaia Online.  I played with it for a while, then noticed that the colours from the screen had caused a rainbow of colours to spill across my hands and keyboard. 

A short while later my friend served dinner; lamb ribs with mashed potato and a hot mushrooms/bacon/red-cabbage side.  It was good food, but I can't even begin to describe the feeling when I ate it.  It was completely unexpected. The rich flavours exploded inside my head when they hit my tongue; became part of my consciousness.  It was absolutely ridiculous.  I had to eat very slowly as I didn't want to push the bounds of nausea and had been lucky so far with only a "funny feeling" like my stomach was all floaty.

After that things were far less intense, I just had an overwhelming feeling of everything being "good". My friend and I went for a walk, and though it was a Friday night in a not-so-great area, I felt completely at peace.  The surroundings seemed more like a whole than individual items, I was just focussing on the ambience.  We walked past some graffiti art and I was captivated by one in particular; I'll have to photograph it sometime.

Four hours after I had taken the shrooms, I was completely sober.  My mood was normal, my vision was normal, and I felt slightly more awake than I usually would at midnight after a day at work.

I will certainly be partaking again within the next month (harvest allowing), and this time I will be taking a slightly larger dose; perhaps 35grams freshly picked.  This is something I wish everyone could experience once in their life.

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