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5.5 grams first trip ever, saw magical creatures.

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 It was a Friday night and me and my friends wanted to go buy 5.5grams each of gold caps from our city drug dealer. This is even the first time i saw what mushrooms looked like, but keep reading becauuse this trip is like no other i have ever heard of.
   To start it off like this, i only weigh 129 pounds and i am sophomore in high school. so i slept over my friend sean and ryans house. another kid stayed there names manny. ryan and seans parents were still up and his mom and dad just took sleeping pills. so we went up staris because we were in the basement, we made each a pb&j. Ryan didnt want to take the shrooms, so me and sean both took 5.5 grams and manny only took a 8th. so soon as his parents went to sleep, we brought out the shrooms and put them in the pb&j sandwich. as soon as i got done eating this yummy sandwhich i went into my bag and took out my kush and smoked 3 bowls of kush. i was pretty fucked up. i was laughing at absolutly nothing. i felt like a idiot, i would say something and think what i just said and be like" what the fu*k did i just say" what i would say made no sense at all. so i started to play call of duty black ops. was so much fun. oh my god, while i was playing it, my friend sean sat on the couch next to me and manny sat in a chair next to the couch. ( were still in the basement ). so anout 25 mins of play call of duty i began to start to see lines in my vision. really colorful lines. it was so cool. i started laughing. i gave the controler to my friend manny, he only took a 8th and he started to play. i still sat on the couch admiring the lines. about 15mins past and everything started to look like pixies on a very bad tv, like when you use paint on your computer and those boxes like stick out when you try and make a circle. so everything turned in little boxes. i remeber looking at my friend and saying " dude i feel like im in a freakin cartoon " and i started laughing because i felt the same exact thing. right after that, the wall started moving, like they were coming after me, they started to wave like it was a ocean. i was so happy. then i look at sean and he was gone, i went to find him but hard walking because i was seeing everything move. he was in the basement in the other room, watching a dumb movie laughing his butt off. i walk back to the other room were manny was talking to himself the whole time. he kept saying" fu*k bi*c*es" it was the funest thing ever. so idk why, but i had an erge to stand really close to the tv, while he was playing call of duty. so i stood next to the tv and felt like i was in the game, like whatever the guy would do, i would do. i thought i was in the game, no joke. i was happy. then i turn around and just fall. i remeber manny coming over to me and was like," i dont like this. i dont like this." i was drooling because i couldnt swallow at all for some reason. then all of a sudden everything went good to bad. like i had a sudden mood swing. and i felt like i was going to cry but i wasnt and manny felt the same thing. he went upstair with ryan to his room. so i remeber sitting on the stairs and staring at the ground. then all of a sudden my hand was talking to me. i had a full conversation with my hand, then out of no where i saw a freaking unicorn run past me, so i had to chase it. and i remeber sean lauging at me. then i just fall. i thought i tripped over a lepercon. at this point everthing in the room had eyes. the walls had eyes, my hand had eyes. the floor had eyes. every thing, i mean everything had eyes. i was laying on the ground trying to catch the tooth fairy. i didnt even know my name at this point. i totally forgot every thing. then i craweled to my friend and he was rubbing his chin back and forth on the carpet, and all he was saying is random names, i said somethign and he said "billy,austin,westly,tyler" thats what all he kept saying over and over agian, at this time we were pretty loud but i didnt know it because everything was zoned out. i was to busy chasing raindeer. i felt like i was floating in space, then ryan picked me and sean up and wentoutside and drove around, when he was driving i kept looking down at my butt and back because i felt like i was riding on the grounde, ryan said" what are you doing" and i remeber saying" my back is bleeding, it keeps hitting the road when we drive"  by this time its like a hour and a half into my trip and i still have alot comming, so we met up with like 9 other cars packed of our friends and went to this baseball feild where everyone was laughing at me and sean, not making fun of us, because they were high.( and by this time its like 2 o clock in the mourning.) and they love us as friends, so we sat in the outfeild of the baseball feilds and all i remeber is see the moon on my nose. and i looked up and i thought i was suppose to be on the moon and i was floating away, i put my legs in the air and started running. by this time it was 2 hours around into my trip, then it felt like i was dead, and i kept asking if i would stay this retarted forever. but i was drooling the whole time. this is where my trip became so fucked up i barly remeber it. around 2 hours into my trip. i saw the weirdest things. so crazy. like i coulnt even see people anymore. i saw dragons everwhere. everything had eyes. then i went into this werid faze were it felt like i smoked dmt, i saw a vortex hole spinning around, and all i kept saying is billy, i was in a strange black hole with colorful creatures moving around me. my friends picked me and sean up and threw us into the car and went back to there house. but when we were on the way back home i was still seeing strange weird stuff., i cant even explain. i felt like a potatoe. then i felt like orange juice sitting in the car. i got picked up and carried down straies in the basement with sean. they laid us on the floor and sean started to yell those random names agian.. its about 2 hours and 45 mins into trip. i was laying down but i needed to move, i kept moving my head back and forth. then his mom woke up and went to the bathroom and heard me and sean yelling. ryan ran upstairs ad acted like he was sleeping. his mom came down staris in the pitch darness and turned on the lights and she was dinosaur. me and sean both got up. his mom was asking what was wrong, and we couldnt talk, we were drooling and chasing weird creatures. sean chased a lepercon around the pool table where his mom was, his dad also came down satirs and i was having a full conversation with the wall. me and sean were riding ponies up the stairs, well it felt like it. and then we were in the kitchen, his parents were asking us questions and all i remeber saying is billy, Rudolf, pony, and tom. i had to say, idk why but i had to, and sean was saying the random names to. then his parents try and drag us out to the car to go to the hospital, i remeber sean bitting his parents feet while they were drragging him. his dad drags me by my feet and i remeber catching jellyfish like i was in spongebob. then all of a sudden i felt like i was going to die, i get this weird dmt rush agian but this was more like dmt than the last, it lasted around 15 mins and i was just seeing a hole and i was getting closser and closer but new patterns and creatures were appearing. we finially get to the hospital and i feel more fucked up. i cant see anything and the doctors and nursers are picking me and sean up and taking them in the same room, i kept saying nigger really loud for some reason because i thought i was in spanish class saying the color black.  the try to take a piss test and i wont sit still so they had to bring in 4 cops and hold me down, by this time i was about 3:45 mins into my trip. and i kept seeing patternns everywhere. strange creatuse. and the nerse had to stick this tub into my penis and take pee out, as soon as the cops let go, i jump up and run like a cheetah, i had needles in me and cords attached and they just riped out. i was blleding everywhere but i didnt feel a thing, i run out of the hospital thinking im a dragon and try to fly and ran striaght into a car, braking my nose and my arm. by the time i was on the ground, the copes picked me up and took me back in and strapped me to the hospital bed and put me on gas and i was knocked out. i remeber waking up a day later in a cast and asking what the heck happened.

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