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i can argue any point

20 oz of lsa

yesterday morning i woke up and got on shroomery. i discovered a way to extract LSA from heavenly blue morning glory seeds. Im 16 and live with my dad and i dont have a car yet, so i have to walk everywhere. i told my dad i was going to walk over to hobby lobby and see if they had the book "the prince" by Nicolo Machiavelli and i was, but i was also looking for a decent shroom field guide. so i grabbed my iPod and started walking. when i finally arrived at the store i went inside and didn't find any books, or really much of anything i wanted to get, other than a nice pair of scissors for harvesting weed plants, but i didn't need them because i already have an okay pair. so i walk out of the store disappointed that my little redneck town (I moved here about a year ago) is so anti-reading, or learning of any kind. i decide what the heck ill just pop in to big lots and see what they got because they were right next door. so i go in and find nothing that interests me. so i start to leave, out of the corner of my eye i notice theres a rack of seeds for gardening. i go over and see what they got, and to my abasement there is an entire side of this spinning shelf of seeds completely dedicated to packs of heavenly blue morning glory seeds. i grab about ten or eleven (i didn't know how many i'll need) and buy them, the guy at the check out counter was like "why the hell is you buyin' so many mornin glory seeds fur?" i say "i fur my house to look real purty and stuff" (mocking him). so i stuff my pockets with the packs of seeds and walk home. on my way back i remember i need a way to crush the seeds up, and since i dont have a coffee grinder, i look for two rocks i can smash them up with. i only find one, but i remember i have a hammer in my room, so i figure ill just hold the seeds on the rock and smash them with the hammer (im trying find a way to crush them up without being too loud). so i get home empty my pockets into my sock drawer and find a recipe for the LSA extraction that i think i can manage to do in my room. as soon as im done helping my dad do a little house cleaning, while my dads at the store, i grab all the ice in my freezer and put it in this big metal pot. i also grab a couple coffee filters, a cup of water measured off to 20 oz, a spoon, and a stapler. I then go into my room and start smashing the little seeds ive counted off to be exactly 345 (i think i should have gotten more) one by one with my hammer and rock system. after smashing the last one, i hear my dad getting back from the store and i hide everything really fast. he comes in my room to give me the box of cheez-its, and the blue Gatorade i asked for. as soon as he steps into my room he says "it smells like meatballs in here" (the seeds kinda did smell like meatballs), i say "i dont smell any thing" and he leaves. then i quickly dumped the powdered seeds into the coffee filter and staple it shut. then i submerge it in the cup of water i have sitting in the middle of the pot of ice, and put the spoon on top of the seed sack and put the lid on the pot. i get a quick shower and come back into my room to stir my concoction, but i notice the water is not brown like its supposed to be, so i start to worry, and i squeeze the filter against the wall of the cup to try to get any air bubbles out and a few float up, and i let it sit for another ten minutes as i did before. i tell my dad good night and go into my room for the night. after about 15 minutes the water still taste and looks exactly the same, so i take the bag of soaked seeds out and i opened the stapled side and i take a second cup i have in my room and put another filter inside of it to use like a strainer. i pour the seeds into the new stainer and them slowly pour the water over it, and after im done i take the strainer out and squeeze it over the cup and all the brown water comes out. i chug the gut wrenching concoction at about 10:00 and i play some GTA: san andreas. now keep in mind that this is the only thing i've ever done that could even barely qualify as a trip so im not sure what to expect (I only smoke weed). at about 11:00 i start to feel a little nauseous and i take some medicine, and put in the movie dumb and dumber. by now im only kind of seeing slight flashes in my vision like a strobe light every where i look, but i just assume thats the ceiling fan spinning and cutting through the light to produce the effect i was seeing. by about 11:30 or 12:00 i sort of feel a bit giddy and giggly, but not like what i've read a real trip is like. i assume that this is as much as im going to get out of the high, and im kinda bummed. i then stand up to go take a piss and then it hit me like a fucking freight train. it was hard to walk a straight line like i was really drunk, and as i walk to the bathroom i think im being really loud, so i try to tip-toe. Big mistake. to me tip-toeing meant balancing on you big toes like a ballerina and being as light as a feather, which was impossible in my inebriated state. i stumbled to the bathroom door and did my business, then went back into my room to find another movie to watch. as im crouched down looking for one i notice the heater in my room feels really smooth, and i just rub it for like 20 minutes then i put in the movie the jerk and layed down on my bed, but i couldnt get comfortable so i just stood up next to my bed for a while. by now im at the peak of my trip and i am thinking ALOT. i am convinced that i can argue ANY point and i then type up a little thought on my laptop. this was the little tought: Life is a profit deal these big top companies are (in this scenario) the people who are gonna try to sell you life as we know it to be (product A) and so these big top companies are gonna try and sell you product A what ever it takes there gonna say for example take these people who say video games are bad for children because when your playing that game that in a sense is who (this person your playing in the game) this is who you are and that is your life and that is your gun and that is the bad guy and you have to kill him so what im saying here is that the big top companies are gonna say DON’T BUY PRODUCT B BUY PRODUCT A ITS MUCH BETTER!!! And they’ll sell that to you no matter what it takes cuz you know like if your moneys over there if everything you have is over there then whats over here ya know? Take Lysol for example. when you think “I have to clean my floor’s, do you think LYSOL (product A) or do you think KABOOM THE MAGIC CARPET SPRAY? Kabook (product B) may be a lot better at cleaning your floors, but the big top companies have got it drilled into our heads that Lysol is better. They have it so that every time you think “I have to clean my floors” you emidiatly think Lysol. There are infinite worlds of lifes you could be leading but were made to think theres only one way of living them. And we need to take that first step in going these alternate routes down lifes free-way. You know your still on the free way, your just maybe in like a different lane, only theres not three lanes theres a whole bunch. I think that is the argument that guy was trying to make in the song “life is a highway” but those big top companies have made it so high up that they have say over all the land and they have that guy that wrote “life is a highway” cowering beneath them so he sold them the writes to his song and they put it in that childrens movie cars so that every time you think of that song you think of “oh that’s that song from that childrens movie” not “ oh that’s that song that guy wrote but he was not super well known so in a last ditch effort to save his carrer he sold the big top companies the rites to his song, and hes the one who should be getting the credit for this awesome song not these people” so lets take a stand against “product A” and lets FINNALY be able to explore the infinite possibilities of human potential!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes i know its very badly worded but gimme a break i was less than completely capable of operating this machine. at one point i tried to see what laptop tasted like. i finally went to sleep around 5:00 and i was still tripping relatively hard. i had the craziest dream that i lived in this SUPER futuristic and fancy house and i was a millionare and i had this cool black guy who was about my age come over to my house every now and then because he wanted to be a famous DJ, but no-one ever came to his concerts because they were always partying on the other side of my house listening to 70's music. this morning my dad woke me up around lunch time and we went to ruby tuesday and had salads, and i kinda thought my dad knew i was still a little bit high, so i didnt talk alot and i just texted my friend katie. all in all i had a good experience, and i feel like i exploded, and while i was in a bunch of peices someone poured scrubbing bubbles over me and now in squeeky clean.

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