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Breaking fungus cherry

first time trippin

It was a Friday on a surprisingly relaxingly warm day in February .I had Just gotten home from cashing my pay check to meet up with my friend from work and his friend who I had 
recently had the pleasure to meet. We were going to smoke some mid grade weed and hash. So we just smoked our lungs out when they departed for some unknown reason. Then I had gotten a call from who I will refer to as Hubert. Hubert Asked if I had wanted to smoke some more marijuana and funny enough more hash. I gladly accepted his Offer and invited Hubert
 and his chap who I will knight Estabon. Now I had been saving these dried mushrooms for quite some time and decided oh why the hell not? Today has been such a good day. I've been
 rather chipper, or more than usual. And it was amazing for a day in February I was fine with a t shirt. Plus, tonight was going to be a full moon! I was rather excited.

 So I decided to eat them. I'm not to sure how much I had consumed, for I own no scale. It was not a huge amount, but I was more than certain to expect results. And results I had achieved. Sometime before sunset, I eat them, And withing five minutes Hubert and Estabon had arrived to pick me up to venture to Estabon's home which we arrive there in five minutes. I told them
 I just ate mushrooms for the first time and asked if i could hang with Hubert and Estabon while I was tripping and then were more than willing to even though they were not tripping
 (They both have tripped  numerous times). We smoked our lungs out. I had brought my bass and was sitting on the floor trying to play along to something I was hearing for the first time.
 Then I find that the music sounds so much crazier then just a bit ago. And I get hit with this immense surge of happiness. I'm am trying to contain laughter but my efforts were futile.
  We Leave to go to Hubert's brothers house for there were supposed to be both a guitar and bass amp there so we can jam. As we walk out to the car, I suddenly had the urge to run
around in circles (I think that was just me? I find myself to be more hyper and silly and loud then some people I know, but whatever). Then sun had almost completely set but the night
time was just gorgeous. The moon was so bright as if it had a massive glow around it and it was reddish and just so amazing. Headlights coming from other cars looked like bright orbs
 in front of the cars. We had gotten to Hubert's brother's home which was completely crazily decorated. There was this Budah blanket  Which amazed me for at least an hour. Then I
reached for the bass and Learned Primus' Southbound Pacyderm. Amazing song by the way. At one point The walls were closing in and I was thinking to my self "this is just the drug so quit your mental sobbing. At this point the closing wall feeling was just an annoyance at first, but alas, it was still getting a bit overwhelming.I got up and went into the bathroom which was
 so crazy!!! I was geeking at myself and shit. Like, the mirror was concaved so I was looking at myself all warped like it was one of those silly mirrors at a carnival. After that the Feelings
 of the walls closing in again. It was also really hot. Like, REALLY hot. I felt like I was on fire. But that was because that They keep the heat on all the way up. On top of that Hubert's
brother was feeling ill and was pass out on the couch. And I knew he was sick, but I kept thinking to myself "what if he IS dying? That would be horrible. It was getting too much.
 So I asked my fine chap Hubert if we can go to the outside world so we could venture a tad bit.

We went to Seven Eleven to grab snacks... or something. I purchased orange juice. I handed the nice man the money and he handed me change and he said...
 I don't know what he said. It was hard for me to undersand anything at this point.

I drank my OJ and Hubert and Estabon did something? Anywho, We went to the beach and I was peaking and was in love with the world.
Nothing could bring me down! I was feeling fine loving life. I was Walking on clay and looking at waves of jello. I Ran for the waves and got ankle deep, for I wasn't sure if I still knew
 had to swim at this point. The water was cold and reminded me of snow. I started shouting at Hubert and Estabon about how we needed to make an igloo, right this instant.
 Then we went back Hubert's brother's home. On the way back They were Making such  vulgar and asking me sarcasticaly if I hated everything. "I replied I don't think I am capable of hating anything."

This time there was like ten random people in this house. A few were from my graduating high school That I had never met until then, other than that I had seen them in the halls, but
 that was a few years back. And some people completely new. They all were really new to me in the state of mind I was in. But that wasn't going to bother me. I had realized at one
point that I have been living under a rock. And need to get out there and live and not let shit get to me. I had told them all I was tripping for the first time. They asked me how was it and
so I tried to tell them about it, but communicating was difficult. I apologized for my lack of speaking clearly for minus the rant on wanting to make an igloo, I hadn't been very vocal.
 There was this person who I think was gay. I told him his shirt was amazing. At this point I was coming back to reality. Tough I still was getting slim visuals. Becoming less vocal
 again I had spent the rest of time trying to figure what just happened.

My friend who I will dub George picked me up and took me to my house. There I had called my amigo who will go by the name of Mr. Wiggles and told him about my experience, all while
 sitting under the floor under my desk. I don't know why I was. But I feel As if mushrooms Have made me a lot happier and more out going like I had once was. I've been writing music
 more and doing better in school. I plan to trip again with told old friends when they get back in town.

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