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Living in a cartoon :)

colorful trip that ends in a freaky lsd flashback?

This is my experience tripping on shrooms for the first time. I decided to write a lot to get all my thoughts down. I did this mainly for myself. I want to look back and be able to read this, sort of like a time capsule of my youth. However, whether you read the entire thing or just part of it, I think its an interesting story.




Last weekend I decided to take yet another visit to Umass Amherst. I had planned on buying some shrooms up there for future useback at my school but a better situation to try them that fateful Saturday night arrived. In addition to being with experienced friends, to my surprise,my long-time friend was also able to come to the school to visit. He wanted to do the shrooms with me and I thought it over for about an hour and decided todo it with him in my friends dorm room.

For a little background on my experience, I hadnever done shrooms before this point but I had a single, extremely strong LSD trip about a month before. For about 50% of the acid trip I was bad tripping. I was tripping so hard, I got to the point where I was in a different universe (level 5 as they liketo call it here). The hallucinations themselves were not all that horrifying, it was the intensity and paranoia that (in the real world) I was freezing todeath, doing something to harm myself, and or getting caught being on the drugthat made it bad. It was a dumb idea to take that much and go outside in midstof winter to say the least. Thankfully, we eventually got inside that night andthe remaining 50% of the trip was an amazing experience. However, after this whole ordeal, I experienced mild flash backs and developed a small case of HPPD(Hallucinogen persisting perception disorder). This went on until about a few days before I had the shroom trip.




So my one friend doing the shrooms with me ate hisand I followed him about 15 minutes after. I got a little nervous about the whole thing as it was slowly kicking in, and that nervousness rose as my friend started zoning out, eyes closed on the bed. He looked like he was doing iffy.  I shrugged it off and went back to mentally preparing myself. Then all of a sudden he started puking his brains out and itdidnt look like he was having too much fun. Thats what really got me fairly anxious, but I knew these feelings needed to be repelled to have a nice trip. Sothats what I did. Because of that and the perfect amount I took, it turned into what probably was the funnest, most hilarious, and awesome thing Ive ever done.

The tripping sort of started out heavy for me andmellowed out after I peaked. But when the trip intensity was rising  I decided to lay down on the bed. Colors started getting very prominent and I began feeling really funny. The bedstarted feeling softer and softer. Colors got brighter and brighter. This continued on to the point where I had cartoony TV vision with the color setting maxed out.

I started watching spongebob episodes and was enjoying them to the fullest. I was still lying on the bed, and was just laughing my ass off, having a good time. At this one point in the show, it looked really warm in bikini bottom so I started to get a little warm too. Ihad to take off my sweatshirt, it sort of felt like I was in the spongebob world for a moment. Squidward easily cracked me up the most, his nose and thesound it makes when he walks or laughs. Everything I watched was all hilariously enhanced by the tripping.

I decided it was time I got up, so I did. Thats whena cool momentary effect happened. I put my hand out and moved it around. It hada blurry trail that went with it. Then every time I moved my head or changed my view, everything in the room had slow blurry trails following it. It was like something out of a video editing effects library. Thats when I think my mindstarted wandering for a few moments and I saw a blurry distortion of a fairy woman for no longer than 3 seconds. I sorta snapped myself out of that thinking theres no way Im tripping that hard, that was just my imagination.  I still dont know what the hell that was allabout. I really dont think I had enough to see something like that but Itheorize that my LSD experience might have influenced the intensity of the trip. Whether it was my imagination or a hallucination, it was pretty cool.

Some of the funniest moments of the trip are hardestto remember exactly. I do know I was loving pretty much every minute of it. Enjoying the body high and looking at anything bright or colorful (which waspractically everything). At one point I had to go to the bathroom, fortunately when the tripping was well under control. I walked with my sober friend downthe carpeted hallway happy as can be. Every step I took was like stepping on a cloud. Every light, color, and object had this friendly and welcoming feeling to it. After I did my business I washed my hands, of course. The water felt so niceon my hands and had a unique trippiness to it. I walked back very happy inside, humorously wondering what other people are thinking of me. People told me I was pretty damn funny to see on shrooms, so it made me feel lighthearted on the experience.

I remember one of my sober friends was sitting down on a comfy chair with me. He was laughing so hard at how happily messed up Iwas. I was euphorically giggling and feeling the chair in strange positions. Westarted playing around with this stuffed animal, which was that green three eyed alien from toy story. He started playfully messing with me, shoving it towards me giving it a fake voice. We both laughed incredibly hard. I startedto come down from the shrooms, but not long after this something unwanted happened to me.




This part of the experience isnt something I really like to talk about a lot. When I thought I was supposed to be coming down from it all and stop tripping, I started tripping harder. I started getting dizzy and nauseous as Im seeing swirls of light and color.  I started throwing up and freaking out inside. I felt really scarred and got worried this whole thing messed up my head because I was supposed to start feeling normal again especially since my friend who took the shrooms with me was back to normal.

I stood up and tried to look at something else to change my surroundings. All of a sudden I started hallucinating a girl in the corner of my eye. Every time I tried to look directly at her, she disappeared. Every time I looked away, she was in the corner of my eye again. I tried to not let it get to me and looked at a poster on the wall so I wouldnt see her anymore. The poster is very trippy and for a moment I felt like I was practically IN the world of the drawing and felt as if I was outside. I was panicking a little wonder what was wrong with me. There was no way I tripped this hard solely because of the shrooms. I figured it must have been a physiological effect from the LSD experience.

I sat back down on the couch and tried to cool myself down. I tried my best not to freak out openly with all my friends in the room but it was difficult. There was so much overwhelming panic and discomfort inside of me. It got to the point where I felt like breaking down and crying because I had no idea what to do. One of my friends noticed there was something wrong with me and he went outside the room with me.

I was against in the hall trying to take deep breaths, telling him I was having a flashback. An R.D walked by and asked my friend if I was alright, and I took a second to look normal and say everything was alright. We both thought it was a good idea to go. I went into the bathroom to splash water on my face and when I looked in the mirror my face began melting. All I could think was oh shit, whats going on with me, this shouldnt be happening. The weird thing was I started becoming bi polar after this as I walked further. There were small moments where I felt relatively back to normal, I even chuckled a couple times. But these moments soon died as we reached the room and got ready for bed. I couldnt relieve myself of the anxiety and body discomfort. It was the ultimate feeling of discontentment. I stopped hallucinating but my perception was still off and I could tell something wasstill happening to me but it was unexplainable. I felt like I was losing my mind or something. My friend really helped me get through this, I dont know what I would have done without him. He was able to guide me through everything.But it was very hard getting to sleep that night, it took about two hours. Ikept rationalizing the situation to myself and I was able to find enough peace to close my eyes, empty my mind, and fall sleep.

When I woke up I felt weird still but it was a huge relief that I was pretty much back to normal. Its been a few days now and Ifeel fine. When I think of this trip, my mind hardly thinks of this part. Yeah it sucked, but the good parts overpower the bad.




Theres something I personally just love about shrooms over LSD. Its this natural, everything makes sense, I am one with everything feeling about it. But that isnt necessarily a universal effect. The one thing Ive learned about the effects of tripping is that it is 90% unique to the user. In my experience, shrooms are definitely more recreational than LSD. I wish I waited a little longer to try shrooms because I probably wouldnt have experienced that awful flashback. I also wish I took shrooms before I ever tried LSD, but hey, life is about making mistakes and learning from them. Theresa chance I may want to do shrooms again some day, but Im afraid of the same thing happening. If I end up deciding to do them again I should probably wait a few months for my head to completely clear, to reduce the chance of a flashback. Shrooms arent for everyone but I will say, it was the best fucking drug I ever did. I wouldnt take it back for the world, Im better for theexperience.

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