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My first Shroom Trip(Level 5)

Me "Dying"

On February 27, 2011 I did Shrooms for the first time with my boyfriend of 4 months. We bought 6.7 ounces of Shrooms from a friend of his that he had known for years. We split the 6.7 ounces and i started off my just eating the caps. I didnt care too much for the stems cuz they wernt crunchy and stuck like gum to my teeth. i had eaten about half of mine and my bf had already eaten almost all of his. For awhile we didnt feel anything at all. We even grew angry thinking that we werent going to feel anything bcuz it took sooo long. We were chasing it with Dr.Pepper and I remember there being 2 pop cans sitting on the box on the bed that we had our Shrooms on. About 30 mins later, im sitting on the computer looking up game cheats for my bfs game, and on Facebook. I started feeling really light headed. Almost the same way i feel when i smoke weed. I told him this and he said that he wasnt feeling anything at all. Now mind you i still havent eaten all of mine and by now my bfs got almost all of his gone. So i continue looking up his info on the computer. The time was approximately 5:45 when i was looking up his cheats. By 6:00 i started getting the body buzz. It felt like a million bees were under my skin. I had very weak motor skills(i couldnt hold my phone very well and i couldnt hold my pop). I told my bf this and asked him how he felt. he told me he was feeling the same way i was feeling about 15 minutes earlier with feeling light headed.
By this time his friend arrived and my bf bought some weed from him,leaving me upstairs in his bedroom alone while he went out to his friends van. While he was gone i downed about 5 more Shrooms(stems and all). When my bf came back inside(it seemed like an hour but was only 10 mins) i told him that i was feeling really dizzy. He said that we was feeling kind of off balance himself. By about 6:15 the feelings started getting stronger. They hadnt changed yet but they were becoming more intense. I started seeing purpleish black dots on my bfs face. I remember looking at the TV and seeing that the time was 6:20..
I started getting a little naugous and nervous so i got on Facebook again and i started trying to keep myself ocupied. By then my bf stood up really quick and said that he felt like standing for some reason. I just kinda looked at him andsaid oookkkk?..lol.. i went back to Facebook world until i noticed that my bfs face was down and i looked at him and he had the weirdest expression on his face.. i asked him if he was ok and he said that the floor was moving. I laughed and said that yepp it probably was moving and that i wasnt gonna lie and tell him it wasnt..haha
I looked away only to see him lift his head real quck and stare at the corner behind his door. I said whats wrong? and he said that the corner was freaking him out. I laughed again and said "dont let the big bad corner bite u in the ass." he laughed but still continued to stand. I then asked him if he was seeing things. He said that things were swirilng and shifting but that was it..
I then looked at the wall to see that there were these little lights.. Almost like light was reflecting off of something metal except it was spreading down the walls. I told him this and he then sat down and picked up his controler. He begame playing his racing game and i just looked back at the computer screem getting more and more paniced.
By now i was becoming more and more obsessed with the fact that my throat was feeling swollen. I couldnt swallow well at all and it felt like drinking my pop was terribly difficult. I turned to my Bf that i felt like i was having an allergic reaction. he looked at me very concerned and asked if  i was gonna be alright. I told him that i think im gonna be alright and that its just the Shrooms... But there was still a lingering thought in my mind that was concerned that maybe i was having an allergic reation.
And thats when it hit me like a train..
I was sitting there looking at the computer screen and all of a sudden there was this terrible terrible squeel like a whistle in both my ears. I couldnt hear anything at all and i saw my bf jump up and look at me.. I asked him if there was a ringing in his ears also and he said not a ringing but almost like a whistle.. I then lost complete hearing and all i could do was staring at the computer screen but all i saw was white. Thats when the thoughts came flooding in. I started panicing but my body wouldnt move. I felt like i was stuck in my body. I then thought that i was going to die. All memory of  taking Shrooms were gone. I remember thinking that i was dying and i didnt know why. I struggled and remember that i took Shrooms and that im going to die off of Shrooms. That when i lost my sight. The blackness came crawling in like vines. Black vines. I blinked my eyes real quick and in that instant that i close my eyes all i could see was green bugs. These shiny green bugs. I opened my eyes very quickly after that and i could see that the black was creeping in even more. Then my thoughts switched to one thing: my boyfriend. I kept thinking that i cant die. I cant die because i have to live for him and make him happy and that i have to have kids and take care of those kids and get married and grow old. All these thought felt like my last. I was soo sad that i wasnt going to be able to see him again or have children that i have never even thought of. I felt soo over whelmed that i begged to who ever was out there to not let me die.. And i knew there was nothing  because the blackness was almost totaly consuming my eyes now. I was almost blind. and again i forgot why i was dying but all i knew was that i was dying and that i would never wake..
So much time had passed but it felt like 5 min by the time i came back to reality. I was sweating horribly  and the computer was gone from my lap.My heart was racing and i looked at my bf. The most beautiful thing in the world to see after thinking you were gonna die. He was all i could think about while i was "dying" and to see his face agian was overwhelming. I dont think anything else in the world would hav ebeen greater.He was staring at me and i asked him what was going on and he said that i was just staring at the computer for the longest time and that his high was getting stronger. I looked around the room and i could still see the dots and the lights. I looked at the box that was sitting on the bed. There were 6 pops there now. I then looked at him and told him what happened. I didnt tell him that i could only think of him  but just that i thought i was dying. He looked at me and was kind of upset. I asked what that look meant and he said that he wished he could halucinate. I then looked back at the box and saw that the rest of the Shrooms were gone. He had eaten the rest of them and way more than me and still hadnt halucinated. He then put the controler down and said he was going to the bathroom.. He stood up wobbly and looked at the corner agian.. i asked what was wrong and he said the corner was doing it again.. i laughed at him and he stumbled to the door.
I was then feeling the way i did before i almost "died".. I was still messed up as hell. And the Shrooms just kept hitting me. Just as i thought it was wearing off it would hit me again. At one point i felt like i was going to throw up. When my bf came back to the bathroom i asked how it went and he said that he felt like he was 20 feet tall. I told him that was called the  Dollhouse effect. So we sat and just kept staring at stuff. I noticed my self staring at something for a very long time and then, i would realize it and look away only to stare at something else for forever. I caught myself doing this alot. My bf then brought up the Xbox dashboard and i noticed the time said it was 8:05. I asked his what time it was and he said 8:05 and i said that i thought his Xbox time was wrong.There was no way i just lost nearly an hour and a half of time. I looked outside and it was dark. He said that yes it was 8:05. I told him that i dont remember anything that happened in the past hour and a half. He told me that i stared at the computer for the longest time and then i just closed it and continued to sit there.. I was still sweating but i couldnt find the streangth in me to take off my sweater. My arms felt exhausted. Like i had been lifting weights for the past 1 1/2 hours. I could barely climb to the end of the bed to retrieve the computer. Then all of a sudden i was scared again. If i had been staring at the computer for so long, did i post anything rediculous on Facebook?! So i tried to grab for my computer and my muscles wouldnt work. I couldnt do anything at all.. i struggled and struggled to climb over to the computer and it seemed soo faarr awwayyy.. When i finally grabed it i still couldnt feel anything at all but i still knew the motions.
Now normally with this computer the last pages you were on will still be up as long as you didnt exit out of them or shut teh computer down.. So i opened up the top to see that there were no pages open.
I looked at my bf and said  that i didnt remember closing out of those pages. He looked at me and then around the room and i asked if he was ok and he said that the walls were moving. I had completely forgotten about the computer and started staring at the walls.. he was right, they were moving! I then forgot again about the walls and started staring at him. He looked at me and i asked if he had had a trip yet. He said no but that stuff kept moving. He said that he didnt think his mind was going to let him see Goblin or Fairys walking around. I told him not to say that or else my mind was going to start seeing it. I looked around and everything had terrible terrible tracers. He then picked up his controler and began playing again. I realized that the computer was sitting in my lap and i quckly logged on to facebook. And typing was very weird. I knew my address and my password so well that i could do it without looking but as i was typing it was like i wasnt controlling my own hands. they just flew across the keyboard and i didnt even know what was going on. My mind couldnt comprehend.
I logged in and looked and of course to my surprise there wasnt anything out of the ordinary. Then just lihe that i forgot about the computer and looked at the cans of pop. I quckly grabbed one and drank long and hard. I noticed that my throat was still swollen. I dont know if it was or not but i began noticing it alot more now that i had taken a drink. I kept drinking hoping that it would go away but it didnt.. My bf said he had to go to the bathroom again and i jokingly said dont let the toilet bite you in the ass when you turn around. And then i heard him open the door and i was back again staring at the computer. He came back and i asked how everything went and he said the toilet got smaller. I laughed and he sat back down and was lost in his game but not playing it. I looked at the screen and he asked if the moon on the game was moving. and sure enouht it was. and the sky kept changing colors and the stars were moving.. I looked back at him again and i told him more about me "dying". For some reason i couldnt stop saying the same stuff over and over. I told him how the blackness started coming in on the sides of my eyes and with my hands i put then at my ears and pulled them acroos my eyes and he says WHOA! and i said WHAT! and he said that when i did that with my hands they kinda trailed. So just to fuck with him i kept doing it until h stopped looking and sat back down. I could tell that he was having a short attention span like me. I then asked him what time it was. All of a sudden i was OBSESED with what time it was. He said 9 o clock. i told him that it had already been almost 3 hours since we took them. He said that i should be coming down from it but i told him that i still felt the same as i did before my trip.
Then again i was obsessed with figuring out if i wrote something on Facebook. So i checked it again and nothing. and things almost started getting easier to do. I wasnt coming down from it i was just getting used to it.. and still i looked around and i could still see faint purple dots.. Then a thought raced through my head: what if i get so used to living in this world that i forget how to do stuff in the real world. and what if i never go back to reality?..
By now my bf decided to roll one up and smoke one from the weed he had gotten from his friend.He asked if i wanted some and i said no because i didnt know what it would do to me. Would it make me calm? would it intensify my trip? i sure didnt want it to go away but i didnt wanna "die" again. so i said no. Then i was obessed with how he felt. I kept asking like every 5 mins if he was ok or if he was feeling anything more? And then i was obsessed with telling him my near death expierence.. My mind was like on repeat of the same 3 to 4 things: Time, My near death, Him and FAcebook. By the time 10:00 rolled around (which it did quite quickly) i was coming in and out of Shroomland and reality. It was like it didnt wanna give me up because once i thought i was almost nearly sober, i was then back to post trip feeling. I started to get irritated with it. My arms and legs had lost complete feeling and when i would touch my face or my stomach i COULD  feel it in the tips of my fingers but not on my skin. I kept trying to remember what it felt like to bite my lip. and then i had another obession added to my list. My lips felt chaped. So i began biting them. I quckly forgot about that and went back to the computer and found the online page of cheat codes for my bf.  At one point between 10:30 and 11:00 i was on Facebook again obsessing and i went to go say something to my bf and my voice cut out. I couldnt talk. And at that very moment he tried to say something to me and cleared his throat and said that he just lost his voice. I told him that i did too and we laughed.
All in all my Shroom expierence lasted 6 hours. And even though i thought i was dying i think i will do it again. I think the reason why i thought i was dying was because i had never done it before and i didnt know what was going to happen..

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