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aborted energy wave

I'd really been having a hard time drying some cubes I had found.

I'd really been having a hard time drying some cubes I had found. Before I had always had them fresh but this time I was working up a lot of anxiety over these things. I decided just to take them since I had the house to myself.
In retrospect, I should have waited until I was feeling more comfortable. I kept fighting off thoughts that these things didnt dry right and were somehow rotten.
Regardless, I managed to get down 5 grams of the cardboard tasting little guys with the help of some orange juice.

I smoked some weed right after(I think a littletoo much) and went to sit on the porch. It was hot, a Sunday afternoon many of the neighbors were out toiling away on thier lawns. Not me....

My dog became copper toned with an aura. She was like a forrest spirit. I was talking to her outloud and with my mouth closed. I don't know spanish but though kept coming to me in spanish(or my minds version) I was calling her some gibberish name.

I suddenly felt the heat and felt uncomfortable. I also became very aware of all of the neighbors around me. I just knew they were inside spying on me though their blinds.

I went inside and into my room I put in some trance and set down at my computer to look at some pictures. I started thinking about those rotten shrooms again. I could feel them in my stomach, i started to get nausiated. I layed on my bed and tried to shake it. I had just read a trip report about a guy throwing up and making it better.

It seemed like quite a while but I sure it was no time at all and I was in the bathroom having major hallucinations. My face warped in the mirror stretching out at angles. My pupils were really blown but looked even mote so, so if they were bleeding unevenly out into the whites.

My stomach really was upset, I felt like the dried shriveled shrooms were scraping the lining. I positioned my self above the toilet preparing for the worst. Nothing would come up.

I was having vivid hallucinations. First matter took on a brown rotten chatacteristic. Then it took on a form, and enitiy within my body. I saw myself from the outside my body, except I had a shaved head and tribal tatoos all over my body. Almost beyond my control I gag myself at this point.

I perceived a flash of light and felt the force of the trip come up through me as a wave. I vomit. Suddenly all the light, the background 'noise' or 'voices' disappear. (Including the whole 'ancient mexico' vibe I didnt even identify before i.e. the talk with the dog and the "shaman/priest' I had saw myself as.)

The difference was tremendous. I immediatley felt guilty for aborting the trip. My stomach didnt even feel that much better.

I cursed myself on the way back to the bedroom, testing for visuals on my way. Seconds later I started to get some patterns back, flowing grains in wood and the like. It was very diminished from before. I felt a little drained and my attitude sucked.
From here I entered a paniced head trip witch lasted for several hours. I was conscious of every noise out side. I was terrified that some one would come in and catch me smoking weed, so I hid all my stuff. Then the tension shifted to someone coming into the house and realizing I was tripping. Luckily I had more that a little experience with acid and kept myself from really causing trouble.

Time dialated, I ran around the house cleaning and freaking. I probaley passed through the hallway 20+ times in a 5 min period. At one point some old lady passed though my yard and I really freaked out and turned off every appliance in the house and hid in my room, muttering about how I wouldnt do any drug again. A few hours later I was trying to figure out when to dose next;)

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