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First time shroomin in Mexico

What an adventure

   I traveled to a small town in Mexico with a friend of mine who had already stayed there for a couple months. He had a few local friends that he introduced me to, and we ended up going on a road trip with one of them. My friend spoke enough Spanish to get by, and I didn't speak any at all, so he did most of the communicating. The three of us decided to go checkout a white water rafting tourist site, and our Mexican buddy had a friend who worked there as well. We had a blast going down some pretty intimidating rapids, and met our buddies acquaintance. This guy was cool as hell, he had dreadlocks, and all kinds of Rasta stuff in his house, and an endless amount of Bob Marley music too.
   Our new Rasta Mexican buddy asked us if we wanted to go out and pick fresh shrooms, and of course we said fuck yeah. We left in the early afternoon, maybe 1 or 2pm, drove for a couple more hours to a lot of farmland, people riding horses and that sorta shit. And we just kept parking the car, hopping fences and searching for shrooms through all this cow shit. Whenever one of us would find some, we would make sure to show em to our Rasta buddy and he give us the go or no-go. The good shrooms we put in some plastic containers, and I have no idea how much we ended up collecting, but our friend said enough for us to have a fun time.
   The four us decided to eat what we had and check this last big field for more. I think we each probably had 3 to 4 full shrooms differing in size, pretty even. After consuming we just walked around toking a little off a pipe and searching for more shrooms. About 10 minutes later we walked up on the mother of all shrooms we had seen that day. This baby was the size of my hand, and we split that thing up and munched it down, then continued our shroom hunt a little less seriously, just anxious for something to happen.
  At first I thought it was the couple hits of cannabis I'd taken, but I couldn't be sure since it was only about maybe 20 minutes since eating the little shrooms and 10 minutes after eating the big one. The sun had set, and there was a little bit of light reflecting off the rain drops sitting on the leaves. These rain drops started to standout quite a bit to me, and the green leaves had an almost animated look, but I still wasn't sure exactly what was going down.
  We gave up on finding more shrooms and headed back to our car. My new Rasta friend and I started having a conversation about the different level of shroom trips you could have. I don't know how the hell the 2 of us were communicating, but we managed to have about a 15 minute converstaion where he explained to me that if we had eaten maybe three times as much, that we could be one with sky, and it would talk to us.
   Not until I got into the backseat did I know I was actually feeling the shrooms for sure. As soon as the car started a techno tune came on, and I cannot remember what song it was, only that it was the greatest song I'd ever heard in my life. The electronic music seemed to flood into my ears and fill my whole body with a happiness I hadn't felt in a long time.
   My American buddy and I started laughing as soon as we looked at eachother, and I knew we were thinking the same thing about the music. The blue headlights beamed out in front of the car and blinded all 4 of us at times and our Rasta friend driving would have to pull over. There was no one on the road, and we were in Mexico, I have no idea how dangerous it was, but our buddy seemed to know what he was doing so we all went with it.
   Two guys in the back laughing and talking in English, two guys in the front laughing and talking in Spanish, all four pointing at things changing shapes and colors. And at one point our buddy who owned the car turned to look at us and said, "I just saw a clown", in funny broken English, and I think I almost fuckin' died I laughed so hard.
   The night ended with us arriving at our buddies house, smoking a little more bud and listening to music. The drive was about 2 hours or more and by the time we got back we weren't tripping that much at all, and I was bummed at how short it was. Overall I would compare it to a very mild acid trip but with that stoned feeling you get from cannabis, which might of been from the cannabis. I have since wanted to try shrooms again, but can't find em anywhere.

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