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Yellow Crystal

no idea what i took..

about 2 years ago i was lookin for some exctacy, my buddy got me something and said "take this" its good shit. i have no idea what i took and hopefully someone out there can tell me.

DESCRIPTION: it came in a clear pill capsule and the contents were a yellowish crystal with some liquid in it.

EXPERIENCE: first i took the capsule apart and dropped the contents on my tongue, i was told to let it dissolve completely then swallow. was one of the most foul tasting things i have ever tasted.

25 mins in i stated to feel a exctasy euphoria, were everything is nice and i want to touch it, especially myself also stretching my body in weird ways
i remember laughing alot like i would on acid, i had the perma-grin on my face that wouldnt go away. after about 4 hours into it i decided to lay down along side one of my good friends who was not on anything. and this is were shit got crazy. we shut off the lights to go to sleep but some light from something in the room  casted a glow across the walls and ceiling  and i could see balls of light moving all over as i stared at it more the shadows in between the balls of light came out to be scorpions just hundreds of them all crawling over each other. ill stress that it was the shadows the resembled scorpions, and there was also a shadowy ball right in front of my face. thats basically all i can remember but what i want to find out is what it was because it was some fun shit. i had the body buzz of ex and the visuals of acid can anyone help me out on this?

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