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1st trip

A mellow experience. I want more!

So my first time eating shrooms was with one of my best friends in the world, and a mutual friend of ours. They were both experienced, I had never done them before. We all ate a bit over one gram, hanging out at the mutual friend's place. This happened some months ago, I believe it was October? I remember them telling me what shrooms they were, but I don't remember anymore. Too bad.

I hadn't really looked into shrooms at all, I just knew to expect a trip of somekind. I had never tripped before either, just tried pot and ecstasy. I started feeling them in about a half an hour after eating. At first it was just a mellow, giggly feeling, then some very minor hallucinations - the mutual friend had a poster of a nuke bomb mushroom cloud on his wall, and I watched it move as if the bomb just went off. It's hard to explain the other visual hallucination I had, it was basically that everything that moved left a trace behind it. Like when my friend got off the bed we were sitting on, a few copies of him were left behind him. Don't know if you get the picture. But I loved it. We went outside and walked at the beach for a while, looking at the sky (looked amazing) and just talking about random shit. We went back to the house, smoked some pot and then we all went home.

So all in all, my first experience was a good one, but left me wanting more. I've got mexican shrooms right now, and I'm dying to try them already!

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