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3 hits of acid

unexplainable things

This happened probably three weeks ago i was trying to write about it earlier but i didnt have my laptop at the moment because it was being repaired. Anyways ive tripped atleast 20 times and this trip was amazing to me. So my and my 3 other friends bought 10 hits i bought 5, three of them were for me and two were for my other friend B this was their  first time tripping. So we took our hits at 9:00pm.

10:00 i started feeling the acid kick in but not fully, by now my friends were tripping hard but nothing close to how high we are about to be. We decide to walk around my friends neighborhood because it is one of the coolest places to trip the neighborhood is called "the valley" because it pretty much is a valley from tons of tree's to Red rocks and mountains we left the house and my friends really liked this idea of leaving the house so we can walk around and see everything. We starting walking to the middle of the valley which is a ton of red rocks and a park and tons of trees.

10:30 We are arriving to the middle of the valley and now im tripping pretty hard and so are my friends. We were walking along a path up to the park to smoke a bowl and we walk along a mini bridge and all of a sudden we all felt our bodies move to the left toward a puddle. We all felt this which was extraordinary and not explainable why we all felt that our bodies moved one way. so we walking on we were looking at the patterns of the redrocks which were awesome to look at some of the rocks looked liek there were ancient egypt people in it the rock is red and there were lines of black in it that would move around the rock and make shapes and people. The trees also looked amazing some looked like they were alive stretching around it was really cool. Now we arrived to the park and sat down looking at everything I look up in the sky and notice there are no clouds at all tonight which was awesome because i love to look at the sky when you are tripping because everything in the sky will move around and for some reason every time i trip i cant find the moon, its like it disappears.

11:00 I loaded the bowl which was very hard because it was dark out but i got the job done haha so i took my first hit of it and as im inhaling it in i feel it already taking its effects. I was looking forward into the field and things started to morph into each other as i blew all the smoke out colors became even more amazing than they already were the skys blueish black would blend into the greenish field which was an awesome sight. I absolutely love the visuals from psychedelics. I checked my phone to see what time it was because i thought it had been a long time but it was only two hours into the trip which blew my mind and made me really happy because i knew t was going to be a good night. So we smoked the rest of the bowl and decided to walk back to my friends house so we can warm up real fast get some more weed and then come back out.

11:30 we arrived to his house and were all tripping really hard. Also on the walk back i was seeing mushrooms everywhere and in everything i look at, then my friend B said "is it jsut me or are there mushrooms everywhere" and i started laughing so hard because it was really funny to me at the time because i was also seeing mushrooms everywhere and thought i was the only one. We got inside i got some water  and we put some music on everything that played was amazing i love listening to music when your high off anything the music always makes my trip much better. This acid was pretty pure because i was seeing lots of sounds and hearing colors and objects a lot.

12:00 We finally are warmed up and ready to go back outside on a nature walk. Right as i walk outside i felt so relieved every time i go outside while im tripping its like i get this great feeling of happiness. so we started walking over to a different field this time which was near the middle of the valley to smoke another bowl this was the last bowl for the night :( while we were walking there trees once again looked cool they looked so alive almost as if they were vibrating or breathing.

12:30 We got to our destination and i loaded the bowl and smoked it, once again feel it changing my trip right away. Colors were even more amazing now and i could hear trees talking and waving around. I looked back up into the sky and the stars were moving EVERYWHERE ive never seen them move this much before. But the moon was still hidden in the sky. We decided to go on top of the redrocks so we walked back to the park area and i also forgot to mention this is a really rich neighborhood. Houses were cool to look at some because of how gigantic they were and some of them how out of place they looked. Anyways we walked over to one of the bigger rocks and walked up it, this was incredibly hard the rocks black lines in it would once again move around and i could not tell how far the rock was, this is hard to explain but ill do my best the black lines would move up and down in and out it would look like theres a dip for a second then id step and there would be no dip at all. so i walked up in baby steps haha, i was afraid i was going to fall. but then after probably a minute or two i got to the top of the rock and we all sat down my friends really liked this spot because we were higher than the nighborhood except some other rocks and mountains, we could see everything, then i loooked into the sky and FINALLY i got to see the moon, it looked really cool it was a full moon  tonight the moon also moved in and out kinda hard to explain.

1:00 We are still on top of the rock looking at visuals and houses also we looked at the entrance in the valley which makes a V shape and we could see the whole city the lights were cool to look at most looked like mushrooms again haha. I could see all the way to downtown denver. Its an amazing sight i felt lucky to see it. we started to get cold again so we decided to walk around so once again i was walking on the rock trying to see how far to step which is very hard when your tripping balls. But i got down with my friend and we decided to walk to the left and see whats that way and we walked about 40-60ft up and then all of us at the same time turned around and walked the other way fasted. We all had no idea why we did this it was like we couldnt control it but it felt like we HAD HAD HAD to walk that way so we were all amazing at what just happened. We walked along the path looking at trees and houses etc. Then we all spot a way unordinary pink house. This house looked not right at all because it looked just like a doll house which kinda creeped me out and it was way brighter than all the houses it was like we were looking at this house in the day as if the sun were shining on it and all the other houses were dark at night. so we walked along and we got back to that wierd spot were we felt our bodies move left but it didnt move left this time... that thing really interested me i kinda wish i walked that way to see what would happen next.

2:00 we got back to my friends house and we got some food, i didnt like it food is nasty to me when im tripping, so i jsut grabbed some water we headed to the basement and played some games and listened to music. Iwas playing my friend N in call of duty and everytime i saw his guy he was a mushroom... it was so funny to me just watching a mushroom walking around so ide shoot the mushroom everytime i saw it. also this reminds me i kept having OEV and CEV of bunches of mushrooms with 420 written along the stems i dont know why i kept seeing this but i dont know if thats a sign or not but i think im going to trip a lot of mushrooms on 420 now haha. We were still palying the game and i was dominating my friends at it haha they were soo bad. But we got tired of playing call of duty and wanted to go outside again but didnt want to be cold so we decided to take the car this time. I wanted to drive it but they didnt let me only because i took a half more of a hit then them >< i kinda argued with them that ide be the best driver because im expirenced with it but nope they were tripping to hard to think about it. So my friend N drived because he only took 2 hits he did a good job i put my trust into him and it payed me back. We were driving in the valley and just looking at the visuals and signs. Signs really sticked out to me it was like the first thing ide see everytime, which usually signs are the last thing i see. signs were seriously like glowing and moving around into space. On a lot of signs we would see a mushroom on the bottom of the sign and when we got close it would just be a spraypainted it in black. we did this for a while it was very intertaining

3:30 were still driving and we saw a white truck drive by us and turn so i told N to drive and take a left  which would take us back onto the road we were on which would take us to the guy in the white truck i dont know why but it was funny to follow people around in the valley. so we turned and see him drive by us it was kind of funny so we took the same route again  to see if he would... we would around and saw him again on the same route this time it got funnier and we did it again to make sure he noticed too and we saw him again and it was really funny this time we wavedto him and he honked his horn it was too funny.  then we did it one last time then he was gone. So we went to get gas real fast and i looked into the 7/11 and the lady working there was sooooo nasty omg. i couldnt bare to look at here haha she looked like a methhead too. so i was liek alright i got to see this went gave her five dollars on pump 1 and i almost laughed my ass of at how nasty it was faces this night were already wierd to look at. anyway there was some more stuff that happened but this is getting long so im going to end it here. Hope you enjoyed.


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