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Salvia first time

didnt expect this...

Me and a couple buddies picked up some salvia from our local headshop and headed back to my house, got my bong ready and prepared my room. We had bought 10 x so we wouldn't trip like crazy since we were first timers. I loaded my bowl which was super packed and i sat on my bed. I looked at my friends and said " here we go " . I had 2 torch lighters and cooked the whole bowl and took a massive hoot and held it in as long as i could and sat back and waited.

I was holding in my foot and felt my heart race but that was it, wasnt to pleased...let out the hoot and my whole world changed. I was literally pulled out of my room and was standing in a room histerically laughing looking at a picture frame of my room. It suddenly struck me that i need to get back into the room, so i began to struggle to try and climb through the picture. my friends kept asking me if i was alright but to me it sounded like they were talking a different language, like completly different, and when i would try to talk it would make complete sense to me but not to them. and i always kep staring at my door, nothing felt right, it literally felt like i was in a different world i had no idea where i was at. I clawed at the picture desperatly trying to get back when suddenly i got my grip, and yanked myself through and fell on the floor.

I layed on my floor and it felt like the floor was at a 80 degree angle and felt like i was going to fall into a hole that would never end, and i suddenly just felt extremly tired and sober, not completly normal but the trip had ended. i asked my friends what had happened and they said i just sat there laughing my ass of clawing at the air then i stood up grabbed the wall and jumped on the floor. weird how drugs can make you think in such a different way, at such a low dose.

salvia is the best

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