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The things that bind us

First Level 5 Trip

First off, I'm one of those individuals that really embrace the mushroom experience. In total I've tripped about 20 times. I've had several bad trips, and countless good. Amongst my tripping, I've had a few experiences that have been life changing. Although this isn't an account of my latest voyage, I'd consider this my first level 5 trip. 

It starts off early morning at my house. A friend and I consume the mushrooms. I have 3.7 grams of dried cubensis, the most I've taken at that point of my life. There is no apprehension in me, just a calm readiness. I feel so chipper about the whole situation. Sometimes before I do mushrooms, I make plans to watch a movie. Sometimes, I make plans to trip out in nature, or explore the outside world. Looking back, I had no plan at all. My decision to trip was on a whim, and for some reason I knew this was the day I'd let the mushrooms lead my voyage. I didn't want my sober self to predetermine  a trip for my drugged self. Being that I have no pans, I get in the shower continuing with my everyday life. That's when everything gets weird. 

So I'm taking a hot shower, and feel dizzy suddenly. My skin looks redder than usual. Everything is abnormal, but I have no real hallucinations yet. Leaning against the shower wall to steady myself, I realize I feel fucking tall, my limbs feel too long. I turn around, and am completely perplexed as my tiny shower has grown in size, and shape. I am in a damn labyrinth, a very uncomfortable labyrinth, as it was made of slippery floors, and hot water kept shooting out of the walls. I can't tell you how long I was in there, time seemed nonexistent. Eventually I find my way to the shower door, stumbling out of that strange womb of a shower feeling rather dumb because I was genuinely lost in a whooping 9 square feet.

Heading to my room, I KNOW the normal thing to do would be to get clothed, and such, but everything is so unfamiliar in there. I feel like I am not only in the room of a stranger, but the planet of a stranger. I get dressed uneasily. The shrooming part of me was telling me that all these belongings weren't mine, but I continue to get dressed. My friend and I decide to walk outside, and we make it to a bench across my house. We unanimously felt that our bodies were too heavy to move, and after this bench moment, we would head back inside. Looking back at my house was a real trip because it began to look exactly the same as every other house. Instinctively, I knew which was mine, but visually I could not decipher one house from the next. It was like staring into a kalidescope.

We walk back to my house, into my room. I once again feel uneasy about being in my room. I do the only thing I can think to do. . . put on some Sonic Youth. My uneasiness is gone with the music, but my dear friend begins having a bad trip at that point. He's nauseous, on the floor in fetal position. I bring him some water. There's nothing I can say at this point though. My verbal skills are failing. Sitting in my room listening to the cd EVOL, I feel something in me. I feel a force bring me into a cross legged indian position. The same force beginning at the base of my spine pulses to the top of my head pulling my posture upright, much like how sunflowers obey the sun, twisting towards the light. I felt one with the earth. I saw this energy that blossomed at my cranium, like a spider web. It was pulsing, and glowing. My friend had the same energy radiating from his skull, a few of my spider webs tangling with his. And I know at this point, we are all connected by this energy, me, my cats, my dear friend on the floor, the rocks and the trees outside. Everything is interconnected, and what's even more perplexing is that we don't have to communicate. In my state of tripping I simply felt what every being felt, speech was non existent, they felt and if I wanted to I felt too. I had this indescribable sense of knowing. I wasn't scared of anything, and I finally felt alive, more alive than I have at any other point of my life. I stare into my wall, and I see every color of the rainbow in each square inch of the wall, colors that have never existed. It was like being blind, and seeing color for the first time. The colors dance on my wall, and begin to form life. 

At this point I am no longer aware of myself. I am just nameless energy floating through time and the universe. 

I see these beings, they're faceless. They have no fear, and they have greenish transparent skin. Those spider webs are rushing out of their craniums, and are pulsing fast. Unlike me and my friend they had many webs connecting each other.  They're whipping their bodies around in a violent, visceral dance, but have no anger or spite in them. Just a sense of knowing, and a sense of togetherness.  

Hours must of passed, and my sense of self was restored. I was back from the voyage with the nameless beings. My friend looks at me with a weird insect face with, and says, "Thank goodness you're done chanting." Apparently, I'd been chanting during the voyage . . strange indeed. 

We walked outside, and I did what seemed to everyone else, a very long hand stand, but I knew what really happend; I simply lifted the earth above my head and was balancing it. I couldn't stop laughing. Next I grab a skateboard, and end up being overly nimble on it. For the first time I can ollie cleanly from the sidewalk back onto the street. My body was precise, and I knew exactly what I was capable of. I spend my time coming down skating and laughing enjoying this unearthly sense of balance the shrooms have given me.

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