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My first mushroom level 5 experience.

I think it was a level 5 perhaps.. but exciting

   It was saturday morning me and my buddy connor were going to pick up a quarter and an eighth of liberty caps. As we arrived to the gas station to pick them up from sombody we finally get them and on our way back home i look at them all and make sure they are liberty caps ( Just cause i need to haha.) We arrive at my friend connors house, We go into the kitchen and stuff our faces with our bags we ate around 5 grams dry each.

First feelings: Wellusually the first part of the trip when it hits you is laughter.. I was sitting in the window sill watching some odd ass movie with 80's robots n shit i was like wtf.. then i had to walk out of the room and laugh because i didnt want to feel like a total retard because i was laughing at nothing.. so i went on the porch and started to laugh histarically at nothing.... then i get a call from a girl who wants to buy a dimebag. So me and connor we thinking if we go sell it to her we can go get ciggarets before the trip acctually starts to hit us.. We went outside got in the car and started down the road ( It was around 12:30 pm when we took the mushrooms and it was hailing and raining outside so it was horrible out.) We got there and had to turn back cause she was meeting us at the end of his road. We got the money and we got half way to the store and i was starting to trip.. Connor looks at me and says " THIS IS NOT GOOD THE ROAD IS MOVING!!!) I responded " TURN AROUND FUCK THE CIGS WE ARE GOING TO DIE!" But he insisted on getting the ciggarets.. I was getting scared because the whole time i was seeing him driving he was staring at me talking and not looking at the road (That was just the trip messing with me..) We get to the store walked in everyones heads were shrinking i was scared shitless cause i didnt think he could drive like this but we started going back.. we got to a stop sign and it felt like a lifetime until all the cars went by and it felt like everyone was looking at us knowing that we were tripping.. I looked at connor he was wearing a think heavy hoodie with another 2 laysers under that.. And Everything got so it looked like a big bubble people and my vision got all blury and i started hyperventalating. So i just went with the flow until we got to his house! It felt like a lifetime before we got there..

We make it back to his place and his brother was talking to me and i wasnt even paying attention.. But everything was SO bright walls were morphing into one another i couldnt see straight it was incredible..
I started to get stomach cramps from laughing earlier it felt like i was on a rollercoaster the butterflies feeling. Voices started echoing and i decided to call my girl cause she was upset for some reason, I got so confused i couldnt figure out how to use the telephone connor had to dial it for me. As i was talking it felt like the phone was melting into my face.. and i couldnt talk right my mouth felt really numb.
I finally got off the phone and i noticed my friends just pulled in the driveway. I run outside and opend the back door and looked inside and there were 3 girls, Their faces began to look really read and orange and i began to say " IM TRIPPING MEGA BALLZ" haha.

I get to my friend ians house and smoked a cpl bowl packs and 2 blunts of somee danky ass weed and then the trip started to wear off and i didnt even relize it wore off until i was sober.. I was like WTF it was around 4:30pm witch was a little odd. But overall it was a great experience and i intend to do it alot more!

Thanks and happy tripping!~~

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