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Alice and my own Cheshire cat

2nd time with an eight and half a dime

 Okay first post so here it goes.....

          My parents were gonna be gone for the whole week so my friend and I decided to trip again. Me and my friend have boomed before but only with a little less than an eighth for each of us. So this time we decided to get a quad and an eight and split it so we each got around an eighth and half a dime. We each ate them raw (it wasnt the worst tasting thing but still blech!) at around 10:00PM.

          Scince we knew it would probably be a while for them to kick in we decided to watch adventure time (lame show but nothing else was on.) It was about when that show finished we both started to feel the magical effects of the shrooms. My friend then suggested we get some dank ass techo and rave. To this day that was probably the coolest thing ive seen with glowsticks. 

          After around 11:15PM we decided to watch the best movie made for when your trippin Alice in Wonderland (Cartoon version not the Johnny Depp version.) We watched around half of it then my friend and I paused the movie to got toke a bowl and take a bathroom break. And I remeber that packing the bowl was probably the hardest thing I had to so far lol.

          After the bowl it was around midnight and I went to the bathroom and when i started washing my hands I looked up and saw my reflection in the mirror. Accept I didnt think it was a mirror at frist and freaked out (in a good way). When I saw my face it was all messed up and shit and almost unexplainable. My friend knocked on the door and said "hey man you've been in there for almost ten minutes. Are you okay." I told him I was fine but I got lost in the mirror lol.

          On our way back to the movie my cat (which can climb trees.) ran across the room and ctarted to climb up the tree. It was very dark but i could see the cats eyes cause of the fennic vision that they have and I thought it was the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. Then a total mindfuck happend, I turned around and my friend was playing with my cat. I only have one cat. I thought to myself what the fuck just happened how can my cat be up in the tree and with my friend. Then I remembered I was trippin balls and probably thought the "eyes" were someting else in the tree so I let it slide lol.

          We went back to finish Alice in Wonderland and the colors started to dance. I was trippin so hard and couldn't stop smiling. Then another cool ass thing happened when the movie ended me and my friend looked at my wall and, at the same time, looked at each other and said "Did you see that?" We both saw the same thing of my wall just melting and having random shapes pop up from it sometimes.

          It was around 1AM when we deceded to go outside in the snow......one of the best/worst ideas ever. It was awesome because we both felt way more in tune with nature but horrible because it was FREEZING outside. We came back in after about 10 minutes.

          We then decided to play Skate 3. The colors were the brightest most vibrant saturated colors I've ever seen, I highly reccomend playing this while boomin. We started to come down after a bit and called it a night. The next day I felt completely normal, just a little tiered though. It was probably the best experiance I've had so far with shrooms.

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