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LSD, Snow, and Backseat

The good and the bad of my first trip.

This is really long, and it is more for me to be able to recall the events, and less for you to read, but if you are interested, go ahead.

Well here it is. This is my first trip and the first trip report I have made.
To start, I recently got some tabs that multiple sources say are about 200ug or maybe more. I have no experience with LSD so I still can't comment on it's strength, but I will say that it was a similar level of trip as I have gotten from 5-7 grams of cubes.

So it all started after school yesterday. I drove me and my friend to eat a burrito, and we had a plan that we would either trip yesterday or today. I took him home, and he called and asked his parents if it was alright if I stayed the night over at his house. His mom said that she would be home in half an hour and that I could stay over. So we weighed our options whether or not to trip, whether or not to drop then, or when she got home.
Eventually we decided we would probably be able to keep it down on 1 hit each so we decided to trip that night, and we decided to drop it right then (6:45PM) and go for a walk outside while we were coming up, as it was kind of warm out. There was a lot of snow on the ground, and it was actively melting on the roads and sidewalks and the 3 foot snow all around was becoming sticky. There was also a lot of icy patches on the sidewalks and roads.

We were walking, and about 25 minutes in, we both started notcing the house at the end of the straightaway we were one was getting further and further away. We thought that maybe we would never reach the end of the straightaway, and maybe if we did, somehow that would be when it hits us. Well about 20 minutes later (after long five minute dancing and sliding sessions on perfectly smooth patches of ice along the way) we reached the sidewalk in front of the house that kept getting smaller. The trip didnt REALLY hit us there, but we were definitely thinking deeper and discussing things a lot more deeply, along with the fact that it felt like my legs were just carrying me without me asking them to, I was just floating. We went to this playground equipment in the middle of my friends neighborhood. and just sat there and discussing things that I don't remember or understand now, but it felt like we were speaking with a common voice. We felt like the playground was just a place for transferring vibes, like we were giving vibes to the playground equipment, and we were getting given a taste of the vibes others had transferred into it.

We decide that the 'tank was full' of vibes in the playground, there was no longer a transfer occurring, so we decided to leave. We walked around for a while longer places I hadn't been before, all the while stopping to slip and dance on the ice patches. It was about 1 hour and a half since we dropped at this point, and then my friend got a text from his friend saying that he was on his way to my friends to pick him up and go to mcdicks. When my friend called him and told him we were tripping acid, he didn't believe it. He just laughed. SO we hurried towards my friends driveway to meet up with them in their vehicle. I didn't REALLY know or like his friend that was driving, but my friend told me to trust him, so I did. We met them on the road and jumped in. I think this is where it REALLY hit me because when I was getting in the car, it felt like gravity actually changed and the car actually sucked me in. Also, there was another guy in the car that was my friends friends friend. I'll get these names straight here. My friend who I was tripping with, we will call him 'D'. His friend that was driving, we will call him 'A'. And the guy in the front seat who was A's friend, we will call him 'C'.

At this point, A and C still didn't believe we were actually on acid, so they were just saying that we can stop lying and they were laughing at us and everything we were saying. Riding in the backseat of the car was very strange feeling. I had never ridden with A before, but it felt like he was driving very unsafely especially for the road conditions. Once they believed we were on acid, they began trying to trip me out by saying things like "Oh shit we are getting pulled over, try to act normal" and A would lean his seat all the way back and drive really stupidly trying to scare me. I kept saying to myself that he wouldn't do anything to endanger himself just to trip me out, but I seriously felt like he was doing just that. I kept screaming to slow down and to drive like a normal person and they kept laughing and turning up the rap music (which I personally strongly dislike rap sober, but I just can't STAND it tripping I guess).

So we went to mcdonalds, but me and my friend were without our wallets (they were in D's house). So A and C ordered their food, and told the person "we have two high people int he car". I was like "Why the hell would you say that?" and he said "You better act real normal now". This worried me because at this point the visuals were REALLY starting. I was seeing kaleidoscope patterns on my jeans and the seats and everything that light was hitting enough to see. So they pulled up to the pay window, and didn't have enough to pay for the mcdonalds on their bank cards. We went to the ATM at the gas station close by, and I guess my friends bank account was frauded and he lost like $500.

A kept driving us around and we kept actually driving by cops because there were a lot of accidents on the roads. At least twice, A and C rolled their windows down and screamed "pigs suck". This freaked me out a lot and I was really pissed off at A. A took us back to D's house, which was about 15 minutes away. I guess we weren't getting out and staying there, because D got out of the car, and before I could get out, A locked the doors so I would stay in the car. I couldn't work the unlock button, so I just stayed put. About five minutes later they came back and D brought our wallets from his house. A then drove us back into town and at this point all I could see outside the car were the traffic lights. I remember him running at least two red lights which freaked me out a lot. We were apparently going back into town to pick up a mutual friend of A, C, and D. I guess that friend of theirs wasn't home, so we headed back to D's house, the whole way A and C were still trying to see me, and I guess D wasn't tripping very hard at all.

We arrived back at D's house and A finally let D and I out. This was about 10PM-10:15PM, a bit more than 3 hours after we ingested the LSD. It was starting to blizzard really hard, so we ran into D's house. I hadn't been back inside D's house since we dropped, so I was worried about having to see and speak to his mom in this state. I guess she was either asleep or just in her room. We went downstairs into D's room. I put on headphones, and tried to get a little more relaxed. I sunk into a nice (well it was crappy, but it was nice at the time) bean bag chair and watched this laser prjector I had got recently and never tried before. That laser show was the trippiest thing I think I have witnessed. For the rest of the night, I was alternating listening to Pink Floyd and thinking very deeply and feeling deep feelings and listening to a comedy podcast and laughing my face off (quietly of course as to not wake anyone up). My friend was texting, playing x-box and listening to music while watching the lasers for the rest of the night.

D and I also took breaks from our headphones and whispered some really deep and amazing thoughts. I didn't feel like I heard all of his words, but I understood all of what he was saying.

The trip lasted right till 6:30-6:45AM (12 hours after dropping), when I finally got to sleep. I guess that it was some pretty good acid, and it felt clean (no aches or pains of any kind). I didn't get more than half hour of sleep I would say because I was sleeping with only an under-packed beanbag chair on the ground with no blanket. I am not used to this kind of sleeping, so I just couldn't get comfortable.

I decided to drive home at about 11:30, and this blizzard that started last night is still going strong and it was a HUGE pain driving the half hour drive home, especially when my mind was elsewhere. I at a grilled cheese and here I am now.

If you got this far, I hope that this was worth your time reading. Please leave a comment. And I will definitely be tripping next weekend with another report (shorter) following that.

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