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My story of taking LSD: The best and worst experience of my life

Includes bad tripping, good tripping, and out of body experiences

My story is about 5 college friends who came across some powerful LSD and embarked on its journey with no preparation or safeguarding.  As an eager first timer, I naively cut two pieces off a "5-strip" and stuck them on my tongue. My friends followed after me by taking various amounts. Not really knowing what to expect, I sat there anticipating the effects in excitement. Soon after, intense psychedelic  visuals began distorting the dorm room and I knew that I was in for more than I was expecting. My friends wanted to venture outside into the wintery campus but I didn't want to go anywhere until I felt stable. But my friend reassured me that it would be fine and we continued to the elevator. Inside the elevator, I started worrying about how hard I was going to be tripping in public. The elevator became incredibly distorted and elongated making the trip more intense. Each floor we passed on the way down seemed like minutes rather than seconds. We eventually got out of the elevator and began trekking across campus. The second I walked out of that building, a burst of freezing cold and regret hit me because I was under dressed. All I wanted was to get somewhere inside where it was warm, so I kept asking my friends where we were going and how long it would take. We were suppose to head to my friends dorm about 15 minutes away. I didn't want to spoil the adventure for everyone else so I tried to pull together as best I could. Unfortunately my visuals gradually became too much to handle and severely began altering my reality. Within 10 minutes of being outside, shit already started really hitting the fan for all our trips because I began to freak out.

I continued to worry about how I was acting in public because I knew I was tripping way harder than I was ready for.  I started to see people walking by in one place and reappearing in another. My environment was constantly changing around me faster than I wanted it to, tossing me further and further from reality. For whatever reason at a distinctive point, I wanted more than anything to establish something as "real".  I looked around to find something that I could hold onto as something from the real world. I noticed a bench close by and ran over to it. I placed both my hands on the bench and told myself "this is real" as I was staring at my hands. After a moment, I looked away from my hands and there I was on the roof of an abstract building that looked like something out of a Picasso painting. I was speechless, I wasn't expecting to enter another realm or for the tripping to seem so real. Soon after, a big white flash came over me and I was transported into a different reality, this time into empty space. There were these green giometric triangles moving around in the dark space. They moved in trippy patterns together  and I then 'became' one of the triangles as I floated around with them for a moment. But I was soon interrupted by the white flash again and I arrived in a majestic cloud world with paths connecting each cloud. I could see my friends building on a cloud miles ahead and I knew it was too far for me to ever reach. Yet again, another flash came and brought me somewhere else. These flashes periodically kept transporting me from one reality to the next. When I was in one of these dimensions, a white flash came but this time It brought me back to the real world, for the moment at least. I was transported into the middle of a conversation with my friend who was trying to talk me down. I continued through the realities that I was previously in, always with the white flash to transition it. But each reality would get more and more intense, and the time spent in each world became shorter and shorter until it was seconds. Gradually seconds turned into mili seconds and the white flashing was so rapid it became like a strobe. As everything was flashing uncontrollably, I started thinking about what was happening to me in the real world. Amongst the strobing white light I saw all the possibilities in my head: me crossing the street as a car was about to hit me, getting caught by a cop and going to prison, and dying in a ditch somewhere from getting hypothermia. As reported to my friends, my eyes were closed and I convulsing on the ground by the woodsy cement path we were on. This was by far the worst experience of my life, I was clenching my teeth in absolute fear and distress until I finally accepted  that I had no control over anything anymore and that I was probably going to die soon in the real world. Then suddenly, the best moment of my life happened...

The strobing light stopped with one great white flash, and all my anxieties were completely wiped away. The relief was immense and the positive energy flowed throughout my body, giving me the ultimate body and mental high. I found myself laying down, floating across a beautiful space of fractal patterns. Soothing sitar music was being played and behind me was a majestic eye inside a giant triangle. After a moment, I had inexplicably  floated outside of my being and began looking down at myself. My ego was totally separated from me and it began talking to me as if it was another entity. I felt an amazing sense of intensity as this was happening but at the same time there was so much tranquility and meaning to it. At the time, it seemed as if I was dead and I had entered this realm to be reborn. Sometimes acid goes beyond just loosing your mind but can allow you to truly connect with yourself in ways you never thought possible.

Eventually my trip tossed me "back in" and I was alive again.  I was very confused at this point and just knew that to get though this I needed to get inside somewhere. One of my friends decided that since everyone was freaking out, it was best that two of my other friends should split up and the rest of us will get picked up by my his older brother to chill at his apartment. When the car arrived it  was the biggest relief. I got in and I was FINALLY warm! His brother was driving with his girlfriend in the passenger side, with my two friends and I in the back seat. In my delusional mental state I alerted my friend's brother that "we're tripping on acid!" and he comically responded "we know". His girlfriend helped immensely by calming me down. The soothing words her telling me everything was going to be fine made everything better. When we arrived, the couple led us into their  living room which had blankets, a tv, and couches; the perfect tripping environment. But we were all still having a slightly negative trip with all that's happened so we decided that we should all go to bed. As we began setting up ourselves for bed, I hallucinated a two copies of my friend. In amazement, they both started telling me that things were going to be fine. This was pretty freaky because I didn't know which one was real. Within minutes of trying to sleep, we all realized that it was impossible since we were still tripping decently hard.

We turned the lights back on and started talking again. Together, we all managed to reach a stable reality. I got past the point of seeing things that weren't there by this point which made the trip easy to control. This is when the trip became incredibly fun. We looked back on everything that happened and felt accomplished that things turned out alright in the end. My visuals were mellow and wavy, and I found humor in almost everything. We walked around a little bit and It was comparable to going through a fun house as a kid. I couldn't stop laughing at strange objects, my reflection in the mirror, or sounds like the toliet when I flushed it. We also turned on the tv and watched cartoons like fairly odd parents and spongebob. I honestly don't think I laughed harder in my life than I did  watching these cartoons in super HD trippy vision. After an hour or two of laughter, my two friends decided to get to sleep, I started listening to Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles on my ipod since I knew I wasn't going to be able to sleep with everything that was on my mind. I still saw kaleidoscopes when i closed my eyes but when they were open, the walls would get wavvy along with the tempo of music. Dropping acid was one hell of a roller coaster ride but with everything I learned about myself and all the fun I had towards the end, I could never take it back.

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