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1st psychadelic experience ever

1/8 shrooms by myself

before i begin i know people are going to say im stupid for doing this ... your probably right

i have wanted to hallucinate for 2 years now and i finaly found enough money to buy some my friend/dealer recomened i take 1/16 i didnt think that was enough so i bouth 1/8 i tooke them at 12 it started off nice and slow i was enjoying watching the popcorn cealing running from one side of the room to the other. but then i felt sick and decided i needed to vomit. i ran to the bathroom and when i felt VERRY SICK i tryed to induce the vomiting only giving me the scary idea that i was reaching through myself. i went back into my bedroom and decided i needed to relax i put on some teckno and started watching fear and loathing in las vegas. bad idea i freaked out more and started feeing cold and freaking out i then started tripping everything was moveing like i was on a train i decided i didnt want it anymore after getting myself out of a loop of trying to make myself feel better i wanted to try to sleep it off. i shut off the light/music and layed down grasping my pillow i saw and heard music in my head. and then it happend i died i honestly belived i had died ( i thought i killed myself) and that this is what hell was like i saw frighting images of eatting myself . and i was split into 4 pieces i forgot who i was and that i had taken drugs i believed that my previous life was a halluciation. i then went into a trip loop that lasted 3 hours feeling like forever i thought of killing myself to end it and make it all go away but i stoped myself i would tell myself brethe, swallow, turn, adjust all while i was tripping bad. i thought that i was in a hospital at one point. i also wanted to call someone to help me and even considerd my mom but i decided not to( thank god :)! but yea i had an ego death i told myself that if i ever got out of this i missed my mom and i would give her a hug and a kiss when i got out. i realized how terrible my father was and that i took life for granted. i looked in a miror and saw myself like others do. i started coming off of it i had controll onec again at 4 ockock. i still thought i had died and that god had given me a second chance in another demention i was woried how things would be diffrent but was greatfull just for this. i belived my mom knew what i had done. i went to sleep beliving i was going to go crazy and i just wanted things to go back to the way they were before. i could feel my brain protecting me from my thoughts and blocking up the verry disturbing ones which made me very happy (like in the movie the matrix the guy knows its not really steak but stil wants to go back inside the matrix cause the truth is too scary)

this was extreemly frightening and had no guidence alot happend
things were so bad before i slept i believe if i haddent  i would be in a mental hospital rigt now

i belive i reached a level 4 trip to a level 5 i was in another demention without time

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