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Bad Turning Good

Well, this would happen to be my first real trip.

Well, this would happen to be my first real trip. I've tried these twice before, but never ate enough for anything other then a boddy buzz, and if I concentrated enough I could get stuff to wave around. I decided I would share my crop with two other freinds and another friend was too scared to try them. (too much war-on-drugs propaghanda) Friday rolls around and i call K to come pick me up. I planned on eating them on the way over there, and I did. It was after I finished that I was told we were all going out to eat. No problem I tell myself, if things get to hairy for me, I'll go lay out in the car, close my eyes, and relax. After eating, i would say about 1/4oz of dry PF mushies we get to K's house, I go inside and drink half a glass of OJ and lay down on the couch while K takes a shower. After a bit he gets out and we go wait outside for the rest of our group. At this point colors where brighter, i was simply in awe of a feather that was floating around, it was the most amazing feather I had ever seen. My arms and legs felt like bricks and I felt like I was walking on springs by the time J, C, and J2 arrive. We take two vehicles out to the place were going to eat at, and we go inside. The lady tells us we have to wait 20 minutes for a table, and it baffled me as to why, I just simply couldnt figure out why we would have to wait. So we sit down in the waiting area and it hits me, HARD. Sweat began pouring from my face, arms, legs, I would have put money on it that the place was over 120 degrees inside. J, K, and J2 went outside for a smoke so I followed the, hoping to god it would be cooler outside. Heading outside was no good, it was raining and it really brought me further down then I was when I was just hot. So I go back inside and sit down, then the visuals started. The place being entirly made up of wood supports and such would not sit still. The floor boards were waving back and forth like the water desk toy, the wooden supports were dripping and leaning over as though the were looking at me, everyone was talking at once, and everyone was quite at the same time. I start to feel sick so i head to the restroom and go into the only stall, i begin dry heaving, it was tolerable, after 15 seconds I was done. I needed to relax, calmmy nerves so I sat there in the stall for a few minutes, still burning up, sweat still pouring. After a million thoughts I figured I should go back out so they dont get worried about me. Again I go back and sit down in the waiting area, where everyone asks if I'm alright, and this bothers me, I wonder why they care? should they care? and what if I wasnt alright? I was unable to speak, so I nodded my head. It was finnaly time for us to goto our table, K & C sat on one side, and I sat between J and J2 on the other side. The waitress came to take our order, I of course couldnt understand the concept behind eating so I didnt order anything. Durring this whole time, ive been trying to hide my recent drug use from C for whatever reason, I knew he didnt care, but for some reason had to hide it. I think this is what caused the bad begining. Oddly enough the turnng point came right when C said, "Well since your tripping im gonna fuck with you" As soon as everyone knew, it cooled completly down, I no longer felt sick, and was able to talk again. Dinner provided the best conversation I've ever had with my friends of well over 6 years. Although i still didnt see how they could eat, or why they were eating. I could feel I needed something, and after a lot of thinking, had to figure out what I needed, I decided it was water. Drinking the ice cold water was amazing, I could feel the coldness, as I drank it, flow through me. Durring our many topic conversations, everyone just stopped, so with all the thoughts I was having I brought something else up, then weird things began happening with our conversation. One person was talking, then he started talking a zillion words a minute, then while he was still talking someone else started talking a zillion words a minute, then the other two started doing it, all i could do was look at each of them talking at once, with four zillion words being said and laugh, then they all stoped and asked what I was laughing at, then they made me explain things. Also during dinner, everyone in the place was morphing into either a bug person or an alien person. But the best part had yet to come, as we were getting up to leave some kid, I would say around 6-7 years old was running around wildly, swinging his arms about and just as i got a good look at him he turns into a little monkey running around the place, I told J and J2 about the monkey child, and pointed him out. J2 being the kind guy that he his, walks over to the kids parents, and quotes from "Fear and Loathing in Las Vagas", "How much for the ape?" We all crack up and he runs back to the exit where were all waiting. We head out to the cars and split up again, the journy home was wild. At no point in time could I tell where I was, the car had turned into a futuristic teleportation pod, all i knew was we got into this thing, some time passed, and we were at our destination. If you would have asked if we were moving, I woudl have said, No were being transmited. By the time we did get back I was coming down, no more visuals, music still sounded really good, i had great difficulty figuring out simple tasks that I had done millions of times before. All in all it was the best night ive ever had, great conversations with great freinds.

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