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mellow madness

4 grams of boomers and some benzodiazapines

So shrooms werent availible in my small, quaint, fucking boring town for about a year and this is before i started "researching" them for myself then BOOM the boomers were back so i aquired a quarter. I called my friend josh and we were so excited because we were talking about how much we wanted some shrooms because the only thing around was dmt and its overpriced and very very short term..so i made my way up to joshes along with the 9 grams (bag was like 2 grams over haha) and two 2mg xanax bars. when i got there we each blew our xanax and then ate the fungi. we started playing xbox and listening to incubus, pearl jam, the dead, and the Beatles.. The xanies hit us like a brick wall and we just were chillin and then all of a sudden the mushrooms started to make us feel funny.. "Dude i feel like im gonna trip ballz," said josh. i looked at him with a dazed and psyched face and started laughing...sometime later we were drinking some beer (which was ultamitely a bad idea after we got off our peaks) and all of a sudden joshes oak tables grain started twisting and turning ..it brought a smile to my face so i looked at a bowl of fruit and i mean those oranges were the orangest things ive ever seen... then came the paterns i closed my eyes and saw an infinity of beings constantly orbiting around a still figure..my hallucinations got really intense like his dog started sinking into his couch and my arms looked like they were 10 feet long.we looked outside and it felt like we were on a spaceship that just landed..we hhhaaaaaaadd to go outside even though it was midnight and it was 11 degrees hahaha..we went outside and josh was acting all tired so i was like wake up bitch and pushed him into the snow and then he lay there and was looking at the starlit sky and was like"whooooaaaaa" so i laid down too and when i looked at the constilations they were forming different symbols and eventually they all weaved into a giant turning crop circle..this is really weird and has never happened on my trip excapades but i heard a litteral voice say exit now enlightenment has been achieved..this boggled my mind all night..we laid there for 2 hours tranced with the stars but eventually got cold and wnt inside and blasted some good rap and intense techno and talked about whats going to happen after humans are no longer on earth and if theres a possibility of another form of life on a different planet haha the he dropped his cigarette down his shirt and didnt notice..i laughed so hard i sprained my ribs and he didnt know till i told him...over all not my stongest trip but a very incredible one

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