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4 Hits and a flying truck

Gotta love Blue Grass

In Alaska during the summer time we have these music festivals all over the state called Blue Grass, there's one in Trappers Creek, Anderson, and Talkeetna, if for some reason you are in Alaska during the summer and have a chance to go to one of these, I highly recommend it, it's like stepping into a whole new make believe world that is just mind blowing and awesome. Basically what it is, is a music festival, with a focus on Blue Grass music (but there are all kinds of interesting bands and styles of music that are played all through the night) where all the hippies, teenagers, drug dealers, and just extremely interesting people all get together for a 3-4 day weekend and everyone camps out, gets really high and fucked up, walks around, does bizarre things, and just have the time of their lives. When I think of all the fun, crazy, and ridiculous times i've had in my life, Blue Grasses are their own category. Like theres things that happened in real life, and then there are things that only happen at blue grass. I'm sure they have similar and much larger festivals all over the world, but these events average anywhere from 500-2000 people throughout the duration of the event, which i personally think is kind of cool, because it doesn't have that giant festival feel, its much more tight nit and secluded, you usually know a lot of people there, and once you've been to a few, you start to become familiar with the blue grass crowd. 

This particular trip occurred at the Talkeetna Blue Grass, which is the biggest of the 3, and is held in this giant open gravel pit. Trappers Creek is my favorite, because its in the woods and has a really trippy hippie feel. And Anderson is half in the woods, half on the bank of a river. But anyway its a couple hour drive from my town to Talkeetna so I rode up with my good friend Honest K, and on the way there we killed a 5th of jack and bounded a few beers, we got a late start so we didn't get there till around midnight on friday. We were meeting up with a few other friends there that we were going to camp with and stuff. Honest K was absolutely shit faced by the time we got there (he drank a good amount of the Jack even though he was driving, not a good plan) and he ended up passing out half in half out of the tent and puking all over about an hour after we got there. I think he had started to do work on our half gallon of jack upon arrival. The jack was his down fall.  It was about 1 in the morning at this point, and me and my other good friend Jewed, decided we should start walking around and exploring a little bit as this was our first time at this blue grass. We ran into a few people we knew, got some beers, tried to find some thizz. We ended up finding some yellow mickey mouses which were decent rolls. Took those and continued to walk around and try and decide what all we wanted to do that night. We decided acid would be a good choice. We ended up running into this weird old guy we had seen at the last blue grass we went to who sold acid, in sugar cube form, so we bought 2 for each of us and took those. yummy. 

We started walking around and the rolls and acid were starting to kick in, we had a permanent grin going, and were just having the time of our lives walking around this magical place, looking at all the interesting things and campsites, and of course, all the interesting people. I have only done good acid once before this and it wasn't really similar. This had that kind of stereo typical "high on acid" thing you see in movies, i just saw random kaleidoscopes of colors all over. I saw sparkly snow falling even though it was summer. In the middle of the gravel pit was this completely random and out of place street light that reminded me of the one in the first Narnia movie. That was tripping me out haha. We were starting to feel pretty high, and we were pretty sure this was gonna be a good trip and this was some good acid. So we kept walking around and came to the far end of the gravel pit where we saw a pretty interesting site, certainly one that was intriguing to two individuals high on acid. A drum circle, and a large circus tent. 

Outside of this large colorful tent were all these people dressed in pretty strange outfits, beating on all different kinds of drums creating a pretty trippy and overwhelming beat. We had been there about 2 hours and we had already stumbled upon this; we knew this was gonna be a good blue grass. We stood and watched the drum circle for a while. The people were wearing very strange kind of American indian outfits with lots of animal fur and face paint, which was really tripping me out. We slowly walked closer to the circle when this guy walked up to us that was like no one i'd ever seen. He too was dressed in strange leathers and other indian type clothes, and had a full blown indian head dress...wtf? he also had these weird leather wrist pieces that i think are used for archery, he had fat claws in his ears like gauges. He had this strange indian satchel, and a couple other weird things. I think he had like an animal horn, horn, and one of those smaller telescopes pirates had. I can't remember for sure. But needless to say, he looked like a person worth talking to. We were tripping out pretty good at this point, but it was all just fun little visuals, not a full blown trip (I think we made the mistake of not giving the first 2 hits long enough to set in) so we asked this guy if he knew where we could get any acid. Surprise surprise. He happened to have several vials in his little satchel.  We talked and bullshitted with him for a while, and he explained to us that he, and all the other bizarre people playing drums, were "clowns" in a "circus"  and they came to blue grass every year to entertain people. Which they did very well. Anyway we decided to buy some cid from him, so he told us to open wide and he dropped 2 hits each into our mouths.....even though we had only asked for 1 a piece. So now we were 4 hits deep, twice as much as we'd ever done. So Jewed and I walked around some more and when back to a friends camp site that was near our own and sat by the far and talked and passed the pipe around. I was starting to trip out watching the fire and stuff, and i was really really high. It was like 4 in the morning by this time, so we decided we'd go back to our tent and try and pass out, or lay down or whatever.

That plan lasted about 5 minutes, and we decided sleep was not an option, and we decided to go listen to music in my friends truck, he has a pretty nice system in it. This was when shit got fucking crazy. As is true of probably like 75% of all the times i've tripped. The longer we listened the higher we got, and the more we started to trip out. We started peaking out of no where. It had started to rain slightly and the spots on the window where there was no rain drops, started to turn into a kind of TV screen. And i started to see all kinds of random colors and patterns and random kaleidoscope shit in the screen. And the longer i stared the more the screen started to engulf me. Until the next thing i knew i was no longer in the truck, i was being rocketed through different dimensions and realities. The best way i've thought of to describe it, is in the Mummy Returns, when the kid has the bracelet that shows the way to the temple, and an image shoots out of the bracelet, and then races from place to place. Thats how it felt only instead of me watching it happen in front of me, i was shooting form place to place. I saw all these tropical places, and pyramids , and a sphinx, and different planets, but they all had a kind of gas like texture and color too them. I was racing from place to place kind of depending on the song we were listening to. At one point we were listening to Swimming into the Flood, by Passion Pit, and we heard a part in the song we'd never heard before and have never heard since, me and Jewed both looked at each other and said "what the fuck? where the hell did that come form?"  It was sooooo fucking epic.  All of this was broken up by moments where we would realize we were back in the truck and would start laughing and stating how we were tripping the fuck out. I don't really know what Jewed was seeing, it was beyond words for him. I thought for a long time that i had fallen asleep and was having the craziest dream ever, but then i looked around the truck and realized my eyes had been wide open the entire time.

I was having visions of what i can only relate to crazy ass computer screen savers, but i'm mean, like the craziest screen savers ever, the trippy ass ones that move and swim around. At one point i remember thinking, i had seen it all, i had seen everything there was to see. And thats when The Great Plains by Scale The Summit came on....it got to the beautiful and trippy tapping part towards the end and me and Jewed both started experiencing a really weird sensation. We looked out the window and something was right. The outside world was starting to move in a very weird way. And in unison we both said "Are we flying?" and sure enough, we we looked out the window and the ground was growing farther and father away. The truck felt like it was dipping and diving left and right, and as far as we could tell, flying through the sky. I would look out the window and the ground would get closer and father away as we dipped left and right. It was pretty much  exactly like the flying car scene in Harry Potter. And for some reason this was unbelievably hilarious to us. We just laughed and laughed as our truck soared through the sky in no particular direction. To me it felt more like we were flying but kind of staying in the same place, but Jewed said for him we were literally flying all over the place. The song ended epically. (this is the second time this song as given me the sensation of flying, though the first it felt like my body was flying, and it was with Honest K, not Jewed) And we had decided that we had, had enough, so we got out of the truck, and walked over to our other friends camp site and sat down. We were in the truck for about 3 hours as it was 7 am by this time. Our friends asked us what we were doing in the truck that whole time, and the only response suitable was "Tripping, the fuck out" 

This was only the first night, I'll write another report about the second night in the shroom section. 

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