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Visiting a Goddess

Salvia Divinorium 10x

Set:  Meso-American studies fascinates me quite a lot.  I proclaim my ancestry to be composed of Olmec, Toltec and Aztec influence.  I vehemently reject my Spanish ancestry .  Previously to my experimentation with Salvia I studied the teachings of Ce Acatl.  Studying his life, legend and prophesy has had a great impact on my perspective.   It also played a vital role in my short trip. 

Setting:  I smoked Salvia in my girlfriend's bedroom.  The mood was right and so was the room.  I felt very content.   

My eyes open to the new reality that elucidated right before my eyes.  My eyes witnessed an interlace of bright orange and soft yellowish hue.  Every inhibition left my body.  With its departure I announced my arrival.  "H_____ is here!" , I yelled loudly.  I saw a girl walking towards me. She sat in front of me trying to calm me down.  I fell in love with this woman. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.  I did not know her name at this instant.  I tried to get closer to her.  All around her body emanated lines of orange.  An astounding array of orange rays danced around her figure.  Ineffable beauty drew me closer to the capstone of this precious temple.  As my touch reached her face a vision possessed me.  I found myself climbing a Meso-American temple which was hidden deep in the jungle.  I could see my semi-nude body reaching for the top of the pyramid.  A great sense of exploration lifted me atop the temple.  Within me I sensed I was a man of great importance, perhaps a curandero. The lost temple enticed me to continue onlooking.  Sweat walked down my spine.  A purplish-green feathered headdress decorated my head.  These great feathers gleamed with the penetrating light which pierced the green canopy of the jungle.  Green leaves blocked  my sight.  In between green leaves and branches was the entrance.  Suddenly, present time returned.  Leaving behind the possibility of venturing inside.  I had travel through time it seemed.  I was now younger and less wise.  My eyes lit with the realization that something holy had made the travel with me.  She sat there smiling.  Her cheeks sparkle with the sun's yellow rays.  The orange lines fell to the background.  Colors danced atop her body.  Awe stricken and astounded I proclaimed, "You are a goddess!".  "You are a goddess!".  "You are a goddess!".  This realization dematerialized itself in my mind transforming my vision into a memory.  I opened my eyes and I saw my girlfriend.  Her radiating smile remained, but my experience faded away. 

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