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shrooms + dxm

marvelous mushroom combo.

let me start off with the dosage :
1.5 grams of dried cubensis (tekked)
180mg DXM (in the form of 12 tussin gelcaps)
nitrous inhaled (mid-trip)

i had the chance to do this combo this past saturday and even with the low dose, it produced a pretty strong experience. heres some of my experiences before :
ive done both mushrooms alone many times before (15 times) and ive done DXM only around 2-3 times before. the most shrooms ive eaten in one sitting is 6 grams of dried cubensis. and the most DXM would be around 350mg at one time. so im not to experienced with DXM as you can see, but i felt up for a new shroom combination, and this one sounded pretty interesting. i would defintly recomend this combo to any experienced shroom user, looking for a less of a mind fuck and more euphoria, which isnt really my thing (i like the mindfuck, and overall trippyness, but thats just me.) but none the less, it was an amazing experience, and im defintly going to have to try this again in a bigger dose to experience its full potential, im thinking of doing around 4 grams and 350mg somewhat soon. and ill post another trip report... but heres goes this one.

so after going out and getting tussin gelcaps (only active ingredient being DXM, 15mg each gel) i went home to begin this trip. i had about 1.5grams of dried mushrooms, and i thought that was to small of a dose, and my friend wasnt able to come through with the 4 grams he said he was going to get me. and i was stuck with the 1.5g.  so i decided to lemon tek them. i read the expiration date on my lemon juice and it expired may of 2009, so i decided not to do it that way. after some help from the fellow shroomerites, i figured out that orange juice is fairly acidic as well, not as much as lemon juice, but if i sat it out long enough it would work pretty well., and also seemed like it would taste much better. (this OJ tek does work quite well, though ive never lemon tekked, from the reports it did the same effect.) so this is how it went...

at around 9pm i started up call of duty:black ops, on my xbox 360 as something to pass the time. and around 9:20pm swallowed down 12 gel caps (180mg DXM)(which was very smooth and easy to swallow down). then i started up a game of nazi zombies on the map "FIVE". if you dont know what that it is, its a map for black ops nazi zombies. and i played on xbox live. (btw. this isnt to good of an idea for once you start tripping face, hahah) right after i did that, i cut up the 1.5 grams of shrooms pretty nice using scissors. it wasnt powder, but it was all i had, so i did the best i could. then set it down inside a large shot glass, and poured orange juice on top. until the OJ submerged the shrooms. there was still mushroom shake at the top of the liquid, but that was because it floats i guess. but i pushed it under the OJ as best as possible.

then my black ops zombie game started with 3 other random people online. we all had microphones, so we could communicate, but they had no idea i was planning on tripping shrooms and DXM. they were mellow people though. not the kind who would fuck with you, a couple of them were even stoned hah. but i still hadnt told them of what i was doing. every 5 mintues or so i would stir up the OJ shroom mixture. and this happend for about 45 minutes.

 after that 45 minutes i decided i should drink the mix. it smelled absolutly horrible, and im not exaggerating when i say it smelled just like vomit. but i used more orange juice to chase it. which worked in a way. but it still tasted just tasted just like it smelled. so i held my breath every time i swallowed. it took me about 10- 15 to down the whole concoction, but once i finished it i began to feel the DXM coming on. it started out quite a good feeling. it was somehwere around 10:30pm now. and we were surprisingly far in black ops nazi zombies. around round 20.   and due to me trying to swallow this tek, i was barely playing as tons of zombies were invading us. and the people i was playing with started asking whether i was asleep or something, little did they know i was downing a bunch of mushrooms haha. but i just laughed and said no.

 around 15-20 minutes later, i started to get the beginnig i usually get from shrooms. so i lied back and began to slowly play zombies. about 10 minutes later, i started noticably coming up, and all of the sudden out of no where i had the urge to throw up... not wanting to puke, i laid back with ease, and tried to settle my stomache. and i played the game, with most focus on slowly breathing, and i had nice body high going on, but the nausea wasnt comfortable, and i was barely playing the game, again the people asked whether i was asleep or not haha. i laid all the way back, and the puke feeling slowly left..

 By then the colors in the game began to get real bright, and colorful. which i found pretty cool so i started spacing out to the visuals i was gettin on the walls (the walls in the video game.) the blue was really blue, the red, was really red, etc. and i tried my best to kill these zombies, which was a bit hard, but i managed to not let myself die. surprisingly it didnt really scare me seeing all these zombies coming right for me. and soon i just began to really space out, and i relized i was really tripping out. i was still nauseas and decided i didnt want to take the rest of the tussin dxm gel caps, because i felt if i swallowed anything thing that was a solid, id probably throw up right away, and especially if i took more dxm, it would probably increase my nausea. and i really didnt want to throw up. so i put the rest of the gelcaps away, and continued this game. 

 Eventually in about 20 more miunutes, where i was realllly starting get trip, almost to my peak, we all died in the game, thus ending it. and we all went our separate ways, and i didnt really know what to do. but i felt i should turn the game off, because i didnt think that was a good way to spend a new shroom combo experience. so i turned on the tv, and watched adult swim. and king of the hill was on. i started to reach my peak, and there wasnt much of a mind fuck, not even close of a mind fuck to when i shroom alone, i had a totally clear mind, and i still felt pretty nauseas so i laid on my acual bed, and threw my head into my blankets which took over my vision and a strong feeling of euphoria fell over me. and i just felt wonderful, but with nausea,i continued to watch tv.

i got some pretty cool OEVs and the poeple in the tv began to morph. and i couldnt really pat attention to what they were saying, so i was just enjoying the nice visuals the tv was producing, and the colors that were everywhere. around the middle of the show, i totally forgot about the nausea i had, and it was probably 11pm but i didnt have much sense of time, it felt like its been hours, or close to that, but i know it was around 11pm. and i was defintly peaking. (pretty much the whole trip was just peaking, the only time i wasnt peaking was the 20-30 minute come up, and the come down.)  the nausea was gone, and i felt very, very euphoric. and jumped down onto my comfortable beanbag chair, and watched the tv some more, the show ended and another king of the hill came on. i dont like this show to much, but i didnt mind really at all. i was to lost in my thoughts mainly, i laid back on my bed, and slowly closed my eyes, and as my eyelids began to close, i right away started to get very colorful, and amazing closed eyed visuals. and dont remember to much of the specifics, but they were beautiful, and brightly colored. i just watched them for about 10 minutes. 

 Then watched, tv, i wasnt really watching it, i was just examining the background of the show. like the sky, and houses and what not, so i dont really no at all what was going on in the actual, show. i dont really have much memory of the plot at all really. but it was quite interesting. i the got my skullcandy skull crushers(i recomend you get these if your a bass loving person like my self, they have bui;t in subwoofers, and are amazinggg.) then started to listen to some dubstep, some kid cudi, and also some jimi hendrix, bob dylan, pink floyd, grateful dead, etc. and just closed my eyes, and watched the CEVs. they werent that great, but they were beautiful and colorful like i said. not nearly as complex/3d/vivid as theyve been on my past shrooms trips (though all my ppast shroom trips consist of an 8th or higher.) but i liked them. they were mellow and interesting to watch. i then got up and watched some more tv, there wasnt really anytthing good on, exept boondocks so i watched that.

i decieded i wanted to try nitrous, (i have no idea what time is was by now.) but i got the thing i was inhaling nitrous out of (im not gunna say what it was, because i dont want to get comments on how its stupid, or ridiculous..because it isnt, necissarily) but i took about 3 very large hits of nitrous. and held them in. after every one, while they were still being held in in my lungs, everything started to get really intense, and the world around me started to change color, and the dark walls ( this was night time, and no lights were on but the tv) began to produce my CEVs on them, as they were dark, just like my eyes, when there closed obviously. so they would form even more intense ones, and fractals, and kaleidascope type images would morph onto them. after i finsihed all three large hits, and got up, in my super comfortable robe, and i felt an absolutly wonderful euphoria hit me right in teh face, and i felt my visuals, and everything around me prety much was part of me, and i was just one. everything was just amazing, i cant even began to explain it. after around a minute, which felt like forever, it was still prety strong, but less so. and i took a few more large inhales, and i felt the amazingg feeling again, and i got up, and just started to dance for some reason, i felt this flow of utter bliss and euphoria just fall on me, and i danced in what felt like a perfect flow of movement, i had the feeling thats similar to being at a rave, and just being one with everything, and flowing in a pattern with everbody / everyone else. and had that vibe of euphoria you would get from just being free, in the midst of a crowd feeling the same way. and it was amazing.

After that i watched tv, wanting to watch a cool movie, but could decide on one, so i watched the tv, literally nothing good was on, except stand up comedy which i defintly didnt want to watch shrooming, so i went on xbox live, and played a little more call of duty black ops, but not  nazi zombies, just team deathmatch and what. it was prety late, but the mix of the tekked shrooms, and dxm, still bot flowed strong, like i was still peaking, after about an hour of playing xbox, i began to not feel the shrooms so much, mainly just the dxm, and it felt sort of like i was drunk. i heard my mom walk down the hallway, but im prety sure it wasnt really anyone, but it got me paranoid, and it was also 2:30am more or less, and if she came in and saw me with my huge pupils and just all really high. she would probably know. so this had me a bit paranoid, so i turned off the xbox and tv, and laid in my bed, and it was just totally dark, and totally silent, which i felt very peacefull, and relaxing. so i just llaid there for about 20 minutes with the drunkish dxm feeling. and then i relized ever since i turned it off the sound of my mom left, so i assumed it was just nothing, or probably my dog now that i think about it. so i turned on my tv and stand up comedy was still on, luckily it was dave chappelle, which i think he is hilarious, so i kept that on and went into my bed, which in my state of mind and feeling, was just very very comfortable, and fell asleep in about 45 minutes.

i woke up the next morning and felt amazing, and very refreshed. i defintly recomned this if you like euphoria over mind fuck. personally i love the mind fuck and strangeness being there. but this was also a cool experience. wayy more euphoria then shrooms alone. i dont know about dxm, as i dont have to much experience with it. but, this a combo worth trying. its a very mellow trip. the shroomy psychedelicness is defintly present, and the dxm makes it kinda like,  a very happy/fucked up high. and i would compare the euphoria to being on ecstacy. overall. it was wonderful.

hope you liked the read. ill post the stronger one once i do it.

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