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Odd trip

Odd trip

Well, I only took mushrooms twice but I have had some pretty enlightening experiences with LSD (I think both substances are pretty similar).  My last trip was with a friend who had never taken any psychedelics besides pot, he always wanted to try but didn’t have the opportunity. So once we got some shrooms (about 8g), we planned to take on the weekend. It was a Saturday when we decided to take right after lunch. We chewed the whole thing, the taste wasn’t as bad as I thought but still it was hard to chew well. This was at the house where we use to live (he was my housemate), so I suggested we go to a park or something like that to just chill out, however this was taking place in upstate New York and it was freezing outside, so the common sense brought us to the mall. Bad fucking idea. First because we had to drive there and this was about 20 minutes from where we lived. Ok, this guy had never done psychedelics, so he thought it would be a little stronger than pot. He is the driver so we go to the mall, and right in the middle of the way both of us start to feel the magic coming.

Before we arrived there we were cracking up for no apparent reason, still no visuals involved though, and it was a drama to park the car because there was no parking in the street, so we had to go to a private parking facility. We get to the mall and start walking around the place to see what was going on. As soon as we got there I realized how much I despise malls, the whole environment, and how alienated are the majority of the people who go there. We started to freak out cz everything was so bright and vivid but we didn’t want to call attention so we had to keep our composure. I was more relaxed because I already knew what the deal was, so I was laughing my ass off watching this kid’s reaction over little shit like a car sale in the middle of the mall or a little fountain with an angel spitting water in the air. He was getting annoyed because I didn’t give a fuck about what other people would think so he began to walk faster than me. That’s when the visuals come to place. Oh my god. Every person I walked by had a distorted face like freaking demons, their eyes were black and they looked really freaky. There were big horse sculptures in the middle of the place, which all of a sudden gained life and started to run around like crazy, I was frozen watching all this happening, all the patterns around me, little kids running around for some reason amazed me. My friend called me with an angry voice because I was just standing there and letting be, he couldn’t stay in one place so we decided to go to a store. Bad idea. We both like sports so Sports Authority sounded pretty fun. You can literally spend an entire day playing with every item of that god damn store. My friend couldn’t stop laughing, no matter what I told him he would laugh for 5 minutes straight, which made me laugh even harder.  When you can’t stop laughing in any given place, it is obvious that you gonna call attention so we left by the emergency door (no clue why). We go downstairs in an escalator, I thought everything was so fake when we were going down because we didn’t move and all floors had the same architecture, yea it was a strange feeling. So we ended up in front of ToysRus, I wanted to go in but my friend thought that was absolute hysterical and sat down on the floor to laugh for about 8 minutes. We decided we had to leave that place because the people were freaking us out. This friend of mine revealed himself as an egocentric childish, he was too worried about what others would think about what we were wearing (?) I don’t know why, he freaked out because we’re inappropriate dressed for that occasion of being in a fucking mall.

 So we bounced, now try to imagine a first time psychedelic taker driving for about 20 minutes. He said he couldn’t look down while he was driving cz he would feel he was falling into the infinite. He also said that he felt inside of a video game and all cars looked like racing cars. I was smiling watching all trees passing by me, but sometimes I would feel depressed to live in this robotic system where everybody does the same stuff and have a pre-determined routine. I would look at him and he would automatically start laughing, which became kind of dangerous with the heavy traffic we were getting. So I couldn’t look at him with the risk of crashing the car or some shit like that. After what seemed 5 hours of trip we arrived home, we felt really relief for getting home, so we sat down in the living room and watched soccer on tv. I cannot begin to describe how green was the soccer field on that tv. I could see all players’ soul and feel their energy, unbelievable. So that was my trip, it wasn’t as I expected because this friend really didn’t have idea about all the philosophy involving psychedelics. I still enjoyed though and learned that it is not anyone who is ready to take shrooms and most importantly, don’t ever go to a mall after you take magic shrooms!

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