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cubensis trip experience

confusion at its greatest

Well my trip was not as of recently it was a couple monthes ago, it seems i needed a couple monthes to really reflect and process everything though. So here goes: I sat with a couple friends, some of them i didnt know that well so it was kind of an unnerving energy in the house, Im gonna start of by saying, dont trip with people you dont know that well!!! Very bad idea on my part! I learned my lesson. So anyway, we had originally planned to eat them the next night but i said what the hell lets just eat them now! So i smoked a couple bowls to myself and my offered some to my bf, he didnt want any though, this was his first time doing shrooms and my second time. So after i smoked we decided to split and 1/8 between the two of us. We sat in anticipation of what was to come. I hadnt really considered the thought of potency, i just ate a handfull, and hoped for the best. I am of a very small stature and i hadnt eaten anything that whole day so i was in for a pretty intense trip. To my suprise about 10 min. went by and i was already starting to feel it, ehanced visuals, colors appearing brighter, dreamy sensations and i got extremely cold. I moved to the floor and lay there listening to my ipod just trying my hardest to relax and calm my mind. The other people werent shroomin' by the way, they were just kind of observing which made me very uncomfortable ! I felt like they were laughing at me  which put my mind in a very unhealthy state for a good trip. I looked over at the dog that lay on the floor next to me,he was dalmation, the spots started creeping off his body and onto the floor, i starred wide eyed for probably 5 min,i reached out to pet the dog and i felt an extreme unity between us, that dog reminded me of comforting things wich calmed me down. I looked at my bf, his eyes were stretching down his face and i knew i was starting to fall into the trip world. He said he wasnt feelin it yet. I put on some music for the bolth of us to get ehance the trip a bit into a better energy, i started to here changes in the music and warping. The 'friends' sat and watched me like i was episode of that 70s show, i remeber feeling just really judged and upset at this. My bf's house has all these really detailed wood walls and the grain in the wood started to morph into thousands of faces and eyes and they were all laughing at me (the faces), and the 'friends'. They were asking me questions about life and how my home life is, and i felt as if they were trying to take control of my thoughts which was once again very uncomforting. I sat in disbeleif as i watched a guy smoking his cigarette and the smoke flowing out of his mouth was beautifully colored and he was weaving into the wood grain walls. I lost complete awareness of what was happening about 2 hours into my trip, i became so overwhelmed that i got weak and short of breath nearly passing out, i felt as if nothing had meaning, words were another language that i couldnt understand. My bf was supporting me up trying to get me to drink some water and i remember the water felt foreign in my body causing me to choke lol i was a mess, i came too and was able to focus better, we went into the living room and sat on the floor listening to stories that my bf's friends were telling us, but i couldnt understand a damn thing they were sayin, all of a sudden this high pitched very disturbibg noise was banging through my head, i started to become vey dizzy and the floor was growing thousands of teeth that were all trying to devour me! I freaked out and crawled over to my bf and buried my face into his shoulder, the noise was his friend! and he apparently thought it would be funny to trip me out! My bf told him to stop because he was feeling the shrooms a little and didnt like that noise either. I sat with my face buried into him for 3 hrs or so and that entire time i was just going in and out of reality, i closed my eyes and got instense visuals, i thought it was hell or i was stuck in limbo and i had died or something, i couldnt get out of it. My bf and i finally got up and went to his room to lay down, as we lay there it felt as if our bodys were weaving and melting into eachother and we were falling into the bed, sinking down. We lay there until finally our trips peter out and we return to reality. In all i was more confused then  i had ever been in my entire life, but i learned a valuable lesson to never trip with people you dont know well and dont trust. But hell i still had fun even though it wasnt the greatest trip!

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