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My first REAL trip

Squirrel stalking, wrestling the beast and a room full of pillows

Hey everyone just figured I'd share my first real experiance with that magical fungus of amazingness. I got a half eighth and took them around I think 5:00pm and was pretty excited when I took them.

I was blazing before I took them and figured I'd blaze again since i was coming down so i started smoking around 6:00. After I hotboxed my truck i had my subwoofers turned up and i started feeling very very strange. I felt like i couldn't feel my lungs i was like "Cool my lungs are gone im gonna keep toking." (you can tell the shrooms started kickin in) When i would inhale i didn't feel that pain then i realized "oh balls im trippin"

I layed back my sunroof and put my chair back and stared up at these trees and the leaves started falling down which to me was amazing, I put this song Recurring by Bonobo on repeat and never felt that way before.

Then the fun part of me was kickin in. I ran out of my truck and yelled "ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE!!!!!!!" and ran out into the woods. There was this squirrel burying its nuts or something and I was like "im a ninja!!!!" so i kept like running and doing barrel rolls and dives into bushes and kept creeping around it to attack it. Dont ask. I did that i think for a good 20 minutes I think until it ran up too far up a tree and couldn't get to it, i tried climbing up the tree but didn't get very far. I then sprinted back to my house and came up with this brilliant idea to rob my house of pillows and put them all in my room.
I grabbed I think like 40 pillows and put them in my room and rolled around in them and jumped off my bed into them. Hell, I was in the time of my life i never had so much fun. I did that for a LONG time and then I wanted to challenge the beast. The beast is what I call my 120 pound American Bulldog (crosseyed too!) which i named Pwn. American bulldogs are large animals not the small little stubby ones those are english bulldogs by the way. So i let him in my room and we wrestled for the longest time in the sanctum of pillows. We got really tired after that and we layed on the floor for awhile.

Then, I wanted to go listen to my subwoofers but once i got out in my drive way i saw another squirrel and started chasing it. [Note: I wanted to trip by myself so there is no one else at my house to this point. My dad has been gone and my sister I thought was in another state....] Well as I'm looking like a complete dumbass, my sister pulls up in her car. I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!. I ran into the house and hid in my room under the pillows, she came in and said "WTF ARE YOU HIGH WTF I HATE YOU WHEN YOU DO THIS **** YOUR THROWING YOUR WHOLE LIFE AWAY BY DOING THIS YOU NEED TO GROW UP!!!!!!!"

This began my bad trip which made me depressed and I cried for the longest time.

All in all, I think my trip was amazing and really got to explore myself and i never had so much fun and creativity. Yes my sister killed it at the end but hey at least she didn't come when i was peaking. I will do it again someday when the time is right.

Thanks for reading and letting me share my experiance!
shrooms ftw

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