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Just a Minute with Salvia

First trip with 10x Salvia. (Short & Simple)

     With every breath I drew my anticipation grew much more intense. My chest contracted and expanded.  I lit my lighter and inhaled the extract.  The harsh smoke derailed my preparation.   My heart was in dire need of an emergency exit; I felt no connection to its desperate beat whatsoever.  Despite of my freight I held the smoke in my lungs for as long as I could.  As the smoke exited my mouth it took with it my consciousness.  I reached a new height which its origins were obfuscated previously by my limited consciousness.  My persona split itself into two leaving my body awaiting its judgement.  My awareness looked at me with compassion.  There was no me; just us.  There was no time; just a minute.  A violent impulse lead my body to write this precious minute down.  With a fervent stroke of my will I recorded what seem to be my last moment.  "It has only been a minute",  I hastily wrote.  My awareness returned to me.  Only it wasn't me who had returned.  My mind saw itself as a threat.  From the depths of my mind a voice reached to me.   "Go ahead destroy yourself so THEY can save you", it said.  I cling to my paper with my pen waiting in attention.  "There goes another minute", I proclaimed.  My eyes wondered until I found a reflection dancing in mid-air.  When I traced the light to its origin I felt the Salvia fading away.  The hallowed minutes fluttered away into an unreachable destination, the past.  

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