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Fast, easy, fool proof inoculation

Open air inoculation

This is how I have inoculated my jars for years.  I have never run into any contam problems unless it was a bad source(Syringe, print, LC).  I do this in open air, and it takes me about a minute to do a set of 12 jars.

Here are the materials needed.  I am sure you can make everything out, the little orange square is a piece of sponge that I cut.

To start with, drop your piece of sponge into a container of alcohol.

For the next step, simply flame your needle, and insert it into the sponge.

Finally, push through your inoculation point, squirt however many cc's you wish to use, and pull the needle back out.

I hate the time it use to take me inoculating jars.  I do this in open air right on my kitchen table.  No need to mess with the tight quarters of a glove box, or building a flow hood.  This process goes very quickly if you have a self healing lid.  If you do not, then I use to just cover up the inoculation hole with a small band-aid.  Instead of pulling the sponge off the top of the lid, along with the needle, just pull the needle out of the sponge, leaving the sponge to cover the whole while you reach for your band-aid or whatever you use.

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