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DOnt Eat ME (MAD)

me and my friends decided to ride a 40 minute ride into town on the side of a highway to get shrooms these are the results.

me and my friends decided to ride a 40 minute ride into town on the side of a highway to get shrooms these are the results.

we smoked two joints before we went then halfway through the ride to get them we smoked some more we all took our two grams at once (except tom because hes a fool tom took them at the 7 11) so we stayed at the 7 11 for awhile then decided to jet it started to kick in at the shortcut through the indian reserve a long road that now seemed to get really long and then mist surrounded us and things seemed to jump out of the bushes at me the normally bumpy road was now smooth when we got to the 4 lane highway it seemed that it was always clear so I weaved across it with jordan yelling its my highway then the yellow linesgot really bright and started to curve and turn I looked back and tom and joe were way back there the signs had mad tracers and jordan was now talking jibberish to me so I just went faster at the normally big looking cliffs on our right side now leaned over and curved then turned into big mouths with eyes saying IM going to eat you I yelled dont eat me and went as fast as I could to pass them then suddenly the cliffs went away and a VERY large man told me to take a bush (as it molded into a big bud) I ran to go get it but then it moved away and the rocks under me moved and I slipped and fell down the mountain I saw tom and tried to tell him he dident understaned and said somthing about race. we were back on our bikes and then suddenly transported to a picknik table were we smoked lots of weed now jordan was gone and we were at my house I was looking at the roof that had kalidiscope green and purple shapes moving all over it then it came closer and allmost melted(this is when I asked my self why am I so high??) TOm and joe were tripping out on my computer we all were then transported downstairs were we were IN tonyhawk on 64 we thought we were IN the game so then we were suddenly killing each other in james bond then we moved to a strobing room were we smoked more weed and the people in the paper were jumping out at me I dont remember the time and this is all I remember I had to go to work early in the morning too I dont remember how I set my alarm.

Tom later told me that some people get way more high because of there body make up. but I am going to buy an ounce so I can have a really great trip look for the(MAD)

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