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First time absolutely lovely

silly of me to be afraid

      I always said that I wanted to try them before I die but when the time came and I actually had access to them I was terrified. I didn't want it to be like a longer version of salvia because that's what I've heard it's like from people over the years. Salvia was a very scary experience even though it lasts such a short time. I kept telling my boyfriend of my fears, he would assure me that it's not at all like that (he's tripped quite a few times before) and he referred me to this website. After going through some trip reports from people taking around 3.5grams I was less nervous. The most helpful advice was if you think it's going to turn bad just tell yourself that everything is okay. Also, I think it's important to have the comfortable environment and people that you trust. We kept the room kind of cold but had lots of blankets and sweatshirts in case anyone got cold, therefore no one fought over the temperature. We had a main room play list and a bathroom play list. I really enjoyed having music in the bathroom.

     Alright on with the story. My boyfriend, our friend, and I got a hotel room. We brought a laptop and an ipod dock for the bathroom. We also brought movies Donnie Darko and Yellow Submarine, doritos, and arizona green tea. We got to the room set up a bit then went to eat. We ate pretty light then went back to the room to setup more. Ipod playlist was put in the bathroom, laptop hooked up to the tv for movies and extra speakers for music. We put on comfy clothes and smoked some pot. Around 6pm about 3.5 grams dry was given out to each person and washed down with orange juice. They did smell bad but I didn't mind the taste at all. We watched some adult swim shows for a while then put on music, I was moving my feet to the music which was more amusing than usual but I didn't really think I was feeling it yet until my bf asked if I was and I told him I'm not sure because I don't know how it's suppose to feel. He asked me if my hands felt funny but I told him they didn't, my tummy was tingling though then I went into a laughing fit. Not over one thing in particular, everything was funny really. We put Donnie Darko in, I was afraid it would scare me because I thought the bunny might look freaky but actually I spent most of the movie wondering where the bunny was. It was very interesting yet I could not pay attention(except when the voice said pay close attention haha). When people moved it was like they had a trailing effect, only in the movie though not sure if it was an actual effect or me. We laughed a lot though its not really a comedy haha. After the movie we put music on to play in the dark with windows media player type thing for macs where it does all the crazy colors and shapes, that was amazing and beautiful...kept us busy for hours! Also the ceiling looked teal colored and scroll patterned though I knew it was white and popcorn. The boys left to have a smoke. I wasn't interested in cigarettes, there was a e-cigarette there and the tip lit up blue so I was more interested in that. I didn't care to leave the room, I was laying down dancing a bit to the music and music was so much more amazing. I felt like i was at a concert of sorts and objects danced/swayed/grooved to the music too. I wore these really soft fuzzy socks, they were amusing. At one point I wanted to get under the covers, this took me probably 15 minutes at least. Instead of putting the pillow over the sheets and under the comforter they put the pillows on top of the comforter and then folded it over the pillow, this was so confusing at the time! But not at all frustrated confusing, it was hilarious confusing! And when I figured it out I felt so accomplished :). Cuddling was amazing though I guess our friend thought we were doing a bit more, which was funny since I don't think I would have been able to even if I wanted to. The green tea was really good, I didn't care to eat until many hours later. Yellow submarine was put in towards the end of the night and was more silly and neat than trippy. I thought a lot about how anyone could have a bad trip and how silly I was to be afraid, I felt bad for people who had bad trips before and hoped I never had one unless it were one of those where I felt I learned something about myself after the event.

To sum it up: everything is interesting, everything is silly/funny/hilarious, everything is beautiful, things feel nice, little bad things didn't feel like such a big deal, and sometimes things are a bit confusing but overall I had the time of my life and didn't want it to end.

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