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What is "cold shocking"?

The uses and misconceptions about cold shocking

Is cold shocking beneficial?

A cold shock is a several day to two week drop in temperatures in order to stimulate primordia formation of fall fruiting, cold weather edibles.
Cubensis is a tropical species that fruits during hot weather and does not benefit in any way from a cold shock.  In fact, it slows down fruiting considerably. 
Other edibles may benefit or even require cold shocking. Please refer to the growth parameters of your species.
It seems to be beneficial with some strains which don't form pins easily. Make sure that you wrap the spawn well before putting it into the fridge, since the fridge is often not the cleanest place in terms of mushroom cultivation.

Cubensis eats substrate best at around 82F. Although this is the optimal temperature for cubensis it's normally best to incubate cubensis at room temperature around 70-75F because the higher the temperatures the bigger the chances of competitor molds getting a foothold. The further you drop the temperature, the SLOWER mycelium will digest nutrition. it may even STOP growing all together.

Dunking over night in the refrigerator is not cold shocking.  It is recommended in order to prevent bacteria buildup during the time the cake is under water and can't fend for itself.  If it's not practical to dunk in the refrigerator, you can simply change out the water with fresh every 8 hours or so.  Rinse the cake well under the faucet before and after the dunk - Rogerrabbit.

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