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imaginarium of dr. parnassus

4.5g of dried shrooms

this is my first trip report, so here goes..

before this trip ive done shrooms probably around 4-5 times, all on either an eighth or lower, but this time was defintly the strongest. before i finally found this shroom dealer, i hadnt tripped shrooms in around, half a year, maybe more, because they were not the easiest to find, but acid was quite easy. this was probably november when i ate these, and since september i probably tripped acid around 5-6 times. and felt i should switch to shrooms for a little. so i underestimated my tolerence for shrooms by quite a bit, and bought 4.5grams of them. and heres my trip(i was alone btw)....

it was around 9pm, and i was at my house when i started to eat them. i ate em with waffles and OJ (i am one of the people who cannot stand the taste)and i chewed them up as much as i could. it took me probably around a half hour to eat them all. i started feeling the first effects in about 30 minutes. some nausea, the 'this is strange' feeling, etc. so i layed down on my couch and decided to turn on some tv. (i had planned to watch 'the imaginarium of dr. parnassus' while peaking) the ballad of ricky bobby was on, which i found very funny.. but then my sister came downstairs and inturupted my trip. so i decided to avoid conversation as best as possible,because i almost asked my sister why she died her hair black, when it was really lightish brown, when in reality, she did not, haha, so i went upstairs to the computer and put on some headphones and dubstep, while talking to some friends, this was around, 50 minutes in. and i had the feeling of being in a video game, like super mario bros. the bass dropped and this world of color just exploded around me. the computer seemed to be in bright colors of blue, green, red and pink, etc. and the being in a video game feeling still existed, it also felt kind of like being in a painting, idk if you know what i mean, but it was amazing. my sister left and i went back downstairs to turn on 'imaginarium of dr. parnassus'. which i had never seen before. by this point i was tripping prety hard, gripping on the edge of reality. the movie started in a somewhat dark manner, and it freaked me out, but in a great way, and the begining scene of the partying drinker guy going into his own mind through dr. parnassus' mind,  and seeing his life of abuse, and wrong choices, really tripped me out, and put me in deep thought mode, and the special effects were mind blowing, and it was also only the begining. the movie proceeded, and i was in a psychedelic state of thoughts and this mind set of being so stoked to finally watch this movie for the first time while tripping. as the movie goes on, i try to stay aware of things, and not slip off into the world of not being able to control myself, but about 40 minutes into this amazing movie, without realizing it i let go, and for a half hour or so, i dont remember much exept for the movie scenes whizzing past my mind, and eyes. and i remember starting to relize my uncontrolled motions, and thinking 'this is all part of the dr. parnassus experience' (haha, the movie was about the experience of exploring your imagination, in this case, by going through dr. parnassus' imagination, in there releasing your own, if you get what i mean.) then i close my eyes, to what is basically my life, flowing right in front of me, i remember thinking that this was all not real, and my life had been fake. i opened my eyes and thought i had just woken up, and that all my life to that point was a dream. so, i contemplate all the people in my life, and try to tell myself there all real. and look over and the movie is still playing, and i thought, 'what the fuck...i gotta this off!' i walk over to the kitchen thinking whether i should turn it off, and go lay in my bed and think about what just happen, and try to recollect it., i started the movie around 1130pm or 12am, and when i totally come back and remember im just on shrooms, its probably 2am, and im still tripping prety hard. so i go, turn the movie off, walk upstairs, in what was complete darkness, idk how i managed to safely, and quitly, walk up stairs, tripping in total darkness. i lay in bed and start to read my previous texts, trying to remind myself my whole life till then WAS infact real. which i still contemplated after reading them. i layed in bed thinking about the crazyness of this trip. and after about an hour fall asleep.

i woke up the next morning just thinking.. 'oh my godd. did that just happend?' and in fact it did. haha.
greatest trip yet.

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