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Wow, this is the longest trip i've taken, i'd consider it 4 different trips but they were all back to back, so it extended for 24hours.

Wow, this is the longest trip i've taken, i'd consider it 4 different trips but they were all back to back, so it extended for 24hours... it all started in Amsterdam

We were at a shroom shop, and bought 4 packs of dried shrooms and 4 packs of fresh shrooms, we also had about 2ounces of beautiful Amsterdam weed with us. and 3 or 4 ounces of hash. I was with my friend and his father, and we's smoked about an ounce during the day. We decided to take a train back to Vienna as that's where our appt. was. We were all a bit off our rational thinking and decided to catch a train to any major city and see if we could get home from there. 4 hours later i was still stoned and my friend and his father had eaten a pack of shrooms and i was the most rational minded one. We got off the train in Cologne in Germany. I was jealous so i ate a packet of Mexican Cubanis shrooms about 3grams, and so my trip begins, somewhere in Germany, not sure how to get home i start coming up staring at this huge cathedral which begins glowing green, it has a huge colourful halo and i sit around and smile... we discover we have to wait at this train station for about 2hours. for 40 minutes everthing is hazy and i don't remember a thing except looking for a washroom, when i found my friend and his dad they were sitting down staring at these lights in the sky... lights in the sky were actually there, i saw them too, by total chance we were at some sort of festival and there was a metal bridge like structure being lit up in many different colours.
it was like a personal trip.
we got on the train and couldn't find a seat, it ws the middle of the night and I was still coming up. We sat down on a metal grid and stared blankly at dark countryside and the crowded train, everything was unreal, i lay down, and people walked over me, i slipped in and out of consciousness, to wake up seeing strange people with trails behind them, or my friends dad eating more shrooms or weird people shouting at me. Finally i woke up and found some semblance of reality and found a seat, we lit up some hash and smoked our way into vienna, it was 8hours after i ate the shrooms and i was still completely high on mushrooms, we got back and slept for 3 hours straight, but i was still in an unreal mushroom dream when i woke up, and decided to eat more, i went through a pack of fresh shrooms and ate about 10grams of caps, i came up again and turned on an anime movie while my friend slept. an hour passed and i realised i hadn't understood a word of the movie, the voices were japanese, and there were no subtitles, or were there?
I felt fuzzy, and fell in and out of sleep again, waking up to unreality and falling asleep to something more real then I felt awake. After two hours of this, I turned on the ultimate trip movie, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, I smoked a few joints, and took another 2grams of dried shrooms. Began coming up again, the movie was so real, it was inside my head. There was another meaning in this movie, so funny, the room was full of birds, flying around, but then i fell asleep again.
i woke up agian and my friend had a shroom in his hand, i ate it, and was wide awake, we stumbled around the appartment smoking pot. I looked at my friend's face, and saw blue smoke coming out of his face, his eyes turned blue, his glasses changed colours. These shrooms were cool, though i was beginning to get used to this strange heavy shroom feeling as I was peaking for the third or fourth time in a sixteen hour straight. Two hours disappeared smoking pot, when we decided to brew some shroom tea with our remaining 4ounces of fresh shrooms. I drank 3 cups of the stuff, which is equal to about an ounce of fresh shrooms or, 4 grams of dried. I lay down on the balcony staring at green lights flying through the sky, watched movie after movie, trying to understand them and getting emotionally attached to each one. we smoked joint after joint outside on the balcony and then submitting to heavy fatigue, and trip symptoms i passed out on the couch and didn't wake up for 10hours... and that was the end of that trip

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