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PF Block Tek

a method that has the simplicity of PF TEK while adding the benefits of more complicated bulk methods

My goal was to find or create a method that has the simplicity of PF TEK while adding the benefits of more complicated bulk methods while being extremely contaminate resistant.

Supplies needed:
Large Spawn bags /w filter patch.

100% pure silicone

8" or larger impulse sealer.

Large Pressure Cooker.

Vermiculite (my recipe is based on COARSE vermiculite)

Grain Flour (any type will do, I recommend blends)


Spend Coffee Grounds

Alcohol wipes (or alcohol + paper towels)

Supplies recommended by not required:

Large amount of liquid culture. (I recommend 10-30cc per bag)

Alcohol Lamp (just makes things easier)

Step 1: The Injection Port

Apply a quarter sized blob of silicone and smear it around for a moment.  If you just leave the blob as is it will often dislodge very easily.

I recommend placing the port just below the filter patch for easiest access.

Wrong Way:

Right Way:

Allow the silicone time to set. Several hours at minimum. 

Step 2: The modified PF Mix (SpongiMix?!)

3 Quarts Coarse Vermicute
1 Quart Water (add 1 half cup gypsum and 1-3 tablespoons of spent coffee grounds to the water and mix WELL first!)

Mix this together and let sit for 1 minute then mix again before adding dry ingredients.

1.5 Quarts Grain Flour (Any grain will do, I recommend mixtures of multiple grains)

Mix well then dump into bag.  Try not to get any on the filters.

This recipe creates about 5 quarts by volume and a bit on the dry side.

Seal the bag using your awesome handy dandy impulse sealer.

Should look about like this when you're done.

Step 3: Sterilization

My AA 75x sterilizer handles up to 41.5 liquid quarts and can hold 6 bags of this size.  Your mileage may vary.  Fold the tops down leaving room for the filter to breath as you don't want your bags assploding in the cooker.

Pressure cook @19-21 PSI for 90 minutes or @15 PSI for 120 minutes. 

Step 4: The Inoculation

Grab your LC syringe and get to work.  Inoculate with 10-30cc's of nice thick mycelium laden liquid culture.

I recommend spraying as much of the surface area as you can reach.

Step 5: The Incubation

Incubate on an open shelf in normal lighting at 70-75f for 7-14 days until you have a good thick fuzzy covering of mycelium similar to this:

Step 6: Break, Shake & Roll

Using your hands break up every single chunk in the bag.  Continually roll the bag to expose new chunks until you can find none.  This will take up to 5 minutes per bag.

Once you've got all the chunks shake and roll the bag for at least 2 minutes.

Set back on the same shelf and allow to continue colonization.

IMPORTANT: At this stage I recommend dropping the temperatures to about 70F.  Growth will explode at this point creating a large amount of internal heat.  I've recorded up to 12.5f over ambient temps externally.  So if you're incubating at 80f you're bags may stall, not properly colonize the center and increased risk of contamination (contams like high temps, cubes don't).

Once the bags appear to be fully colonized allow 1 week to consolidate unless you intend to spawn to bulk, in which case go ahead and do it.

Step 7: Fruiting

Carefully cut away the bag using something sharp. Often little bits will get torn off from the bottom, do not worry about them.

You should end up with something like this:

(note the sad little half pint jar there, dwarfed by these awesome blocks)

Dunk for 18-24 hours in cool water.

Takes about 7.5 lbs to hold these down, in case you were wondering.

I've tried with and without rolling these and the results were similar therefore I recommend the simplicity of not rolling since it doesn't seem to serve a good purpose.

Pop these into a standard shotgun style fruiting chamber - you can fit 4 cakes in a 66 quart fc or 6 in a 108 quart fc.

You can also fan and mist manually or use my automated shotgun technique for equally awesome results.

I recommend 2 flushes then toss them as the risk of contaminates is very high after the 2nd flush and not worth the trouble of having to de-con your FC's / Fruiting Rooms.

Yields will average between 2.5 oz and 6 oz dry weight PER block.

Provided you use proper conditions you can expect about 1 flush per week.

Here's a few pictures of Albino Penis Envy grown using this technique.


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