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first lsd journey

lion in a coma?

I never thought I would be speaking of these experiences in this setting, let alone outside of an extremely small circle.  To describe the intensity and general feeling of being totally immersed into another existence is an impossible task.  Words simply do not do it justice, but here goes.

                Strange events seem to thrive around lsd, events that cannot be explained by the hallucinogen that you just ingested.  My first encounter started as they all do.  An hour and a half in I was cursing the kid that sold me apparently normal sugar cubes, then 15 minutes later, all thoughts of my being burned flew out the window.  Quite literally actually as I saw my thoughts leave my head and disperse through the open car window next to me.  As per the unwritten rules, I was not alone.  Two of my close friends were to say the least, in a similar mindset, our driver however was sober.  It had been raining for almost a week nonstop, which in my hometown is unheard of.  Like any other goal deprived night we were driving in the beautiful hills that surround our city, however this night had a heavy presence about it, something ominous.  As the acid took hold us we could do nothing but smile and observe as our world shifted, warped, and blended together.  I could no longer identify that we were in a car, separate from the road; our car had melded with the road.  Just as the last scraps of my ego left me, our driver, who despite my outrages protest had melted into his seat, lost control.  This particular stretch of road was so lovingly bordered by a massive drop with no guard rail, and the side of a cliff on the other.  We slammed into the cliff going about 35, I had not been wearing my seatbelt because I could’ve sworn that evil bastard was choking me, and my face hit the window and that window hit the cliff.  After the shock left us we started laughing.  I have no idea why, it even felt uncomfortable at the time. 

                We then drove away COMPLETELY UNSCATHED.  Seriously, not even a scratch on the car.  How we walked away from that was some miracle, but we attributed it to something else.  At the time my friends and I all agreed that we didn’t get away, that we died there, and that everything following was and still is either a dream, or an alternate reality.  I know it sounds ridiculous, but none of us are religious and given our mind states, I think it was a pretty good conclusion.  The rest of that night was so filled with contradictions that our alternate reality idea started to seem less crazy, for even our sober driver.  We made a fire, no puny little fireplace fire, a fire 9 feet in diameter.  Nothing was particularly amazing about this fire, except that we used nothing but wet wood and palm tree leaves to fan it.  Now how do 3 kids, who can’t even form a sentence without trailing off, make a fire?  We spent the next 4 hours tending to our fire child and walking barefoot through the streams and Forrest if you can call it that.   I’ve never had so much fun in a dark Forrest at night.  The trees all connected their branches into to some vague resemblance of a nervous system.  Faces appeared everywhere I looked and they all drew breath at the same time.  I was convinced that the wind was the earth breathing.  At one point I forgot how to walk after spending 30 minutes with a particularly beautiful hill. 

                The rest of the night was pretty standard.  Shortly after I got home, the visions left me with nothing but my exhausted body, tense jaw and mildly annoying headache to contemplate what exactly I had been doing with the first 18 years of my life. I to this day have never experienced a flashback, and this wasn’t my last encounter with acid.  It seems that whenever I decide to leave this world for a day I always seem to encounter my mom or RA or someone you wouldn’t necessarily wish to talk to while fighting the urge to ask why their face seems to have turned into a black hole.  Despite these horribly uncomfortable encounters I seem to speak coherently, while in my mind, I sound like a slowed down Kermit the frog who doesn’t believe in pausing between words.

                I know nothing really happened that night, I didn’t die, or skip to some parallel universe but there’s always that thought in the back of my mind, what if I’m lying in a coma somewhere and this is all some alternate reality to keep my mind active while my body lies useless.  I need to stop watching the matrix…


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