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Dwarves Flying

This trip was the most fun and interesting i've ever had, even though not the most intense.

This trip was the most fun and interesting i've ever had, even though not the most intense.
I was at a Christian Camp on the Sunshine Coast and it was full of waterfalls and it was the most beautiful setting i've ever seen. i've taken shrooms about 14times before so i was willing to take em even in a crowded and unfamiliar place... also some people say the best things in life are free and it just so happened that somebody gave me and my buddy 6 or 7 grams free of charge.
i was the guinea pig so i took 1.5grams and waited to see what would happen... being an experience shroomer, i knew they were good after about 10 minutes but it took an hour b4 i was feeling obvious effects, i talked openly about issues i hid with complete strangers, i giggled and laughed while playing cards, and then when i ate dinner i saw my pasta moving like a plate of worms, i saw faces in cigarettes and smoke was an off-bluish colour. This camp had a christian talk which i laughed the whole way through even though it was telling me i was going to hell.. but then straight after that the councillers did an entertainment thing for us, which actually happened and wasn't some shroom delusion, they had dwarves dancing with pirates for us, and barney and free willy with guns running around, two councillers dressed as dwarves, zip-lined into the pool (though i believed they were flying at the time) and came and sword fought the pirates, dwarves were shrinking and growing and it was one of the most hilarious trips ever, i actually have a video of it. I took another two grams with some other kids from the camp and that night was a disco dance, and pool party, i heard good music and bad music saw some of the trippiest clothes and dancing ever and it was hilarious, i tripped for 5 hours or so, and smoked a lot of cigarettes, i met a great girl who turned out to be a friend, and watched people belly-flop into pools, i can't even find words to explain how ecstatic i was the entire day/night... but it was certainly the best trip I have EVER taken, and wish to level it again, though it may be impossible... WOW! all true.

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