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This was my first time taking mushrooms.

This was my first time taking mushrooms. I was kind of neurvous but I had to try it. So me and my boyfriend bought 1 g each, but this was not his first time. Then w went to a park. I ate the mushrooms with nutella. The time was 12.50pm. I was constantly watching the watch becaus I've heard that you should start feeling a buzz after about a half an hour.But mine didnt come.after 40 minutes I was really disapointed becaus I only felt a small buzz.But I wanted to see the colours thet everyone was talking about! Then I smoked a little bit good hasch and me and my boyfriend sat down.After a couple of minutes I looked at the ground and things started to move.It was so beautiful!Then after a wile I felt like I was flying!Everything was so funny.I laugh all the time and realyy had a blas.But I was realyy sensitive.My boyfriend joked with me and said that he didnt love me anymore and I started to cry like a baby.Then he said that he was joking and I started to laugh again.Everything was so cool!Everything moved, changed colour and shape.It almost felt like it was to much.But I NEVER felt ill or something.Even if I was crying really much I had so much fun.It is so hard to describe.I will never ever regret this.I think that everybody should try this adleast once.Becaus if yo dont you are really gonna miss something in your life!My trip lasted about 3-4 hours.But the day after I felt funny.I was felt kind of ill and really tired.But that feeling dissapierd a day after. This was a really good expirience and im going to do this soon again!

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