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First Trip...

Hello, and greetings.

Hello, and greetings.

My name is Felstorm, or at least that is what I liked to be called.

First a little Background Information;

At the time I was 18 I belive, it was early winter and rather chilly in these northern regions. I was working outside at a local hardwood lumber kiln. I was good friends with three of my co-workers at the time, Sly, Moses and Ron. (Names have been changed for thier anonimity.) Sly was okay, but I later realised that his only reason for friendship with me was the fact that I bore the brunt of most of the substance expenses. Moses was really kewl and proved to be more of a friend to me than Sly when I had a really shitty time with my grandparents dieing a few months after this trip. Ron... Ron was Ron, a really experienced odd-ball hippy. Kewl shit, used to take me out in the back 40 of the Lumber yard and get me absolutely blasted off KyndBud he would occasionally purchase. It was a riot watching this guy tear around on his forklift as he talked to himself. Sometimes he'd get himself so stoned he'd stop the 'lift and sit there trying to remember what the hell he was just doing...

Anyhow back to the story...

I spent a good deal of my time chilling at Sly's place, a shitty worn out one-bedroom apt. on the second floor of an old hardware store dating back from the 1800's . The concrete foundation of this place had the consistency of styrofoam. Two 18" glass waterpipes, a dartboard, guitars and nice home E.T. system occupied most of our time.

I had gathered quite a curiosity about mushrooms after "shroomer-sitting" for Sly and Moses that previous Halloween (Samhain), They both took what I now believe was 2 grams of rather potent Liberty Caps. Both had rather intense trips as they later related to me. I do remember them having hours of fun in the blacklight, twirling glow-in-the-dark beads around, apparently getting off on the tracers. At one point they both went outside and got freaked by some trick-or-treaters in skeleton suits. They looked absolutely petrified for about 2 min, then started giggling like schoolgirls shortly after. Later they offered to take me tripping the next time they got some 'shrooms. I accepted immediatly, almost before the words were out of Moses's mouth.

A few weeks later Moses came across an ounce of the same mushrooms he had back in October. He sold me and Sly each an eighth. The three of us made plans on tripping that Friday at Sly's place. I was really looking forward to that Friday. God that week _crawled_ by... but it finally came.

After that workday, the three of us piled into Sly's P.O.S. Pontiac Grand Am, and headed off to his place. Shortly before we got to Sly's we purchased Sunny D and three nasty personal-size pizza's from the local "Stop and Steal" gas station. I went into the living room and put in some 'Floyd and extracted myself from my Carhardt Bib-overalls, Moses went to the pisser, and Sly proceded to load "Foghorn" up for a few "lubrication hits" before we tripped. Me and Sly both took two monster hits off "old Foghorn", and we let Moses finish the rest of the bowl off when he got back from taking a leak.

The next couple of hours we spent bullshitting about the day at work and relaxing. Sly's girlfriend showed up and hour or two before we dosed. Played a few games of 501 on the dartboard, and tried learning the bass-line to "Banditos" by The Refreshments. Sly played bass, and
I was just learning to play Six-string acoustic at the time. At about 6pm we nabbed the pizzas, nuked them in the leaky radioactive microwave. I remember taking two nice inch sized caps and one smallish stem. I broke them up on two slices of that greasy little pizza. Later I was to find out that eating anything with shrooms, cheese especially leads to a rather uspet stomach.

We ate and then waited. Some other people came over a little later after we dosed. I don't remember who exactly was there just that there were a shitload of people. For about half an hour I was so busy talking to people that I had totally forgot that I had eaten shrooms. Then there came a point about forty-five minits after doseing, where the three of us all looked at each other at the same time and started laughing for no reason. Some of the others asked us what we were on, but we could only reply with our giggling. Some of them got the clue after noticing that our pupils looked like Black dimes sitting on top of Green pennies.

It was at this point things took on a different look. I noticed that there was a blue-purpleish tint to anything white. Normally 2d objects became very 3d looking in texture and appearance. Generally wierd visual shit I really can't describe much more than Ephemeral Liquidity.

I looked at Sly, who then got a serious look on his face,

"You know what would be real kewl?"

Me and Moses chorused "What?" at the same time, I remember that it struck me kinda eerie that we both said that at the same time.

"The black light!" was Sly's reply. He jumped up and turned off the lights, and flipped on the blacklight, that sent my vison totally off the deep end. The ceiling was covered in glowing stars that turned positivly radiant in the purplish light. I started to notice little snake like tendrils crawling around the borders of an "Eat Me" mushroom poster. Sly's antics of dashing around his place for all the weird little triptoys he had, kept me paralyzed with laughter. Occasionally he would find a glow in the dark ball animal or something blacklight reactive and throw it into the room, causing strange looking multi-colored trails. I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe hardly. My laughing of course was contagious to Moses and he too was given to fits of hysterical giggling. Sly was too busy digging through his closet for some glow-in-the-dark shit to notice that he looked like a squirrel burrowing for nuts. I pointed this out to Moses which sent him into another gigglefit. Meanwhile Sly's girl was sitting stoned in the corner and was having fun herself laughing at the tripping idiots that were rolling around on the floor. Sly soon produced a glowing plush Alien doll which was later to become the focus of our groups amusement.

It was shortly after I managed to collect my senses and stop laughing, that I noticed a slight nauseous feeling in my guts. I dismissed it as that nasty pizza I ate and put it to the back of my mind. But it came back a few moments later, but more intense. This continued for 5 or 6 minits. With each wave of nausea I got that much higher, It got so intense that I had this vivid vision of riding on the back of a flying Chinese Dragon. Each time the Dragon would dive I would feel absolutly sick to my stomach and want to retch, then the Dragon would come back up and I would be in complete Euphoria, only to take another dive a few moments later. I remember telling myself to "Ride the Dragon out".
Meanwhile the Alien doll had become an electric green glowing missle, that was tossed in slo-mo around the room. Occasionally making an arc to the ceiling fan and rebounding off of the spinning blades in some random direction.

The Dragon was hell and heaven in the same package. I finally got so sick feeling that I got up off the couch and told Sly and Moses I had to go for a walk. Moses asked if I was okay, because we had earlier agreed that we should all stay together. I told him I was a bit queasy and just needed some air. Cigarette and Pot smoke was kinda thick in the room, and I figured that some air would calm my stomach down to tolerable levels. Moses followed me downstairs, when a knock came at the door at the bottom. This set both of our alarm flags off BIG TIME!... In fact just about the worst thing imaginable happened. I opened the door to discover my mother outside. If you want to talk about an instant SOBER situation... that was it... I went from tripping ballz to smoothe as ice in 1.2 microseconds. All she wanted to know is when I was going to come home, it was about 9pm at the time. I told her about midnight or so. She got this suspicious look on her face and for a minit I thought I was busted right then and there. All she said was "okay!" turned around and left. I shut the door behind me and looked at Moses... we both agreed that we didn't want that happening again. I swear it felt like my heart was beating like a revved up racing engine. We waited a few minits in the stairwell and waited until we thought shit was all kewl again.

After the adrenaline rush calmed down I was back to "Riding the Dragon". Moses practically had to walk me outside and around the back of the building, which was right next to a grassy lot. I started pacing around, and ended up falling to my knees dry-heaving a few moments later. I wanted to puke so bad, but I didn't, and it made that nauseous feeling much worse. I eventually stopped retching after a minit or two and closed my eyes and rolled onto my back. I saw lights and streamers behind my eyelids that made a mockery of ANY fireworks display. The "puke-NOW!" feeling left almost instantaneously after I rolled onto my back. I could hear Moses trying to talk to me. Only It sounded like he was 50 yards away, and talking with his hands over his mouth. I remember saying that I was feeling better, and he replied with something like, "You sure?". I couldn't communicate with anyone at the moment. I was too busy being dazzled by the light show behind my eyelids.

And then it happened... I thought the light show I was seeing was incredible, but then I opened my eyes and looked straight up into the night sky. I was instantaneously blasted with the "realisation" that the sky was FUCKING HUGE!!. I had this panoramic view of things. Almost like
my eyes were on the sides of my head. I gasped in amazement. I told Moses to lay down and do the same as I was. He did, but I think it was more out of empathy with what I was going through for the first time. We lay there for what seemed like hours and talked about everything and anything. From God to Aliens to God being an Alien... just screwed up stuff. He told me he was tripping real hard himself, and it was one of his better trips. That made me feel alot better. We stared into the sky for who knows how long and watched the stars mesh and weave. I actually stared to play "connect the stars", with myself. I could "draw" in my mind with thin greenish lines between the stars to make the constellations. These few hours were possibly my best and worst trip I ever had. I had another experience later that year that left me scared shitless, after some "friends" of Sly's decied to freak me out. But that is another story.

After a few more minit/hours, I was able to move again. We both got up and I went to sit down next to the side of the building. As I was sittting there smoking cigarette, it felt like my head was enormous, just huge. Warped kaliedescope vison combined with purple haze. We sat and smoked a ciggy, and eventually wandered back upstairs. Sly and his GF were watching Southpark on TV and we told the both of them about our "excursion" outside. My this time most of the earlier crowd had left and it was down to Sly, his GF and one of my cousin's friends who lived not far from there. Sly was definatly looking like he came down. He didn't eat as much as Moses and I. I felt as though I was still tripping pretty good. Moses said he felt as though he was coming down a bit. We sat and packed a bonger and passed it around. I didn't notice anything from the two hits I took, but got slight cottonmouth. I then recalled that we had Sunny D in the fridge and I went a poured myself a glass. I drank it and after a minit or two it seemed to bring back some of those little snakelike visuals I was having earlier in the evening. We watched two or three episodes of Southpark on tape. Watching Southpark tripping makes it even more obvious that Tray Stone and Matt Parker, put rather important and interesting issues in thier episodes, exposing the hypocrisies in our so-called society.

As I watched I began to realise that society is not as it should be, things are meant to be radically different. I wasn't sure why, but I just seemed that a _capitolist_ society uses and abuses humans just as much as communism, and builds up one or two people to prominence in its society while ignoring all the people they used to build thier financial empires. But that night changed me in more ways than one. Some things didn't surface until a few trips later and alot of introspection.

After two hours of watching and hyper-analyzing Southpark, I decided that I had come down enough to go home, It was about 1 or 2am. I went home and slept a sleep that only babies get. The following day, I was a bit sluggish and felt somewhat retarded until I got some food in me.
By the following Monday I was wanting to trip again, but didn't do so until a month later. Never again did I get that horrible nauseous feeling off of mushrooms. But the Dragon is a common visitor when I'm taking off. I usually ride on his back as he takes me off into whatever Realm he wants to show me.With the exception of the next trip I took where I had eaten candy shortly after gnawing down a small cap and stem. Although I still, to this day, cannot stomach that "Stop-and-Steal" pizza. I get sick at the smell of it.

The following Monday, I talked with my friend Ron at work and told him of my experience. He chuckled that gruff, hippy laugh of his, and told me If I wanted to avoid the puking,

"Don't eat anything at least four hours before you trip. Takes it easier on the plumbing."


*lights bowl*


"And don't trip alone, you moron.."


"I didn't!" I exclaimed.

"Well if you keep hangin round with that Sly fella you may as well eat a sheet of Mad Hatter and walk into a cop shop. He ain't gonna look out for ya."

*curses at forklift*

*drives off chuckling*

Little did I know that Ron spoke more truth with that statement than I realised, or cared to heed at that time. Such is the naivete of youth. Moses is still a good friend of mine. He keeps himself occupied with his outdoors hunting type stuff and I drop in him once in awhile. And Sly, well he earned that name. I don't talk with that one anymore. He did a few shitty things to me a few months later. I won't say what, but most folks might be inclined to bloodshed after what he did.

In Peace and Prosperity,


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