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Dogs everywhere

I just got finished running through the woods and chased by dogs.

I just got finished running through the woods and chased by dogs. They were Fucking everywhere, They were growling and barking at me. I ran around for awhile until I found a clearing and there was a big metal structure. I forced my way inside where I found large stones, thats right stones, I could still hear the dogs outside when I ran to the light switch becasue I wanted to turn on the light, but found that when I flipped the switch it was pitch black

It was then I relized that I just tried to turn on a light that was already on. I sat there for about 12 min looking around waiting for the dogs to leave.....It never occured odd to me once that there was some sort of shed with power and stones held within in the woods that are found in my backyard....

All of a sudden I decided I should bolt out the door and try to run home, so I did just that and *SMACK* right into the door, oops, forgot to open it. Once I managed that I bolted out the door B-line straight for home. The dogs, nowhere to be seen, but over sized ferrets and peacocks were all over the place, once thier attention was drawn to the weird guy running bare footed and shirtless through the woods, they began to chase.

Seemed like forever before I finally got to the door of my house, ran inside and poped some virtual bubble rap, and made some wacked movie at digitalfilms.com
[I think the address is http://www.digitalfilms.com/play.php?id=58859 for thoes of you who dare to see it] and then straight to this board to post my still-doing-trip report

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